National mod by SOPA


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Hi !
I'm not a real modder, i'm just trying to learn in order to create my dream : having the French third division.
The mod isn't finished yet (and i'll maybe never finish it).

What's inside the .zip :
- The mod
- A readme file (in French)
- The squad file

How does the mod works :
- I replaced Polish league by third French league
- I didn't edited tifos, scarfs
- I didn't deleted audio commentary (so for a 3rd French div match, the commentator will speak about Polish teams)
- I didn't succeed to add national teams to the French national cup

How to install the mod :
- Place the squade file in "Fifa 22\settings"
- Run the mod with Mod Manager (i don't know if my mod works with other mods like IEM)