National Teams Mod by Ovide

before I upload the last 3 parts of the all-in-one. what do you think of the mod

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excuse me,I am very interested in your patch.but I find that the files"balls, kits,fonts,kitnumbers,crowds,fx,kitoverlay, shoes and tournament folders (install in sceneassets) "doesn't exist now.Would you plz show me the download links?
Thank you so much for what you have done for our FIFA fans,especially for the people who like to play the qualifier mod such as me.:D
look in backwards pages, there is an all-in-one


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Ovide does your patch only work with the Classic Patch NT 2018 patch or does it also work with the Classic Patch 14 ver. 1.00 (DB NATIONAL TEAM + dlc NATIONAL TEAMS
DB CLUB + all other dlc)?
is an separate version. this version I made was built over the 2018 nt verions I only added the 2018 world cup


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--Classic Patch NT 2018 world cup version--
I introduce you a unofficial update for classic pathc nt version

2018 world cup added
-faces from unica added

thanks to
accicog, gigiriva, ariel, gonzaga, mita, facemakers, and all modders.

this began since early november and now is done, enjoy it!j59SFSgR!i6-lU3uqub39yTm7ow0N2Q

I'm playing the World Cup 18, and I found a bug.
The victory is giving 2 point to the winner.
How can I fix this?


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@ovide i stay 1 hour to see all the pages and i understand but i have one question after i install fifa 14 clean i must install this update all in one or the other all in on in the page 18-22..or both?


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I need some help i install fifa 14 then i install all in one patch from page 35 i put the files in the right places and then i regenate with file master..i start the game in spanish language and the teams havent logos or name of some teams is wrong i forget to do something..what a have do wrong??


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@ovide hi mate how are you?
What should i download and istall last for this patch? I got FIFA 14 but i dont know what should i download to use your patch. Thanx!