Need advice on an inexpensive Gold Team I've created


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Hey guys, my Ultimate team has evolved from a crappy silver/gold/bronze team to a cheap gold team. I'm very competitive with all teams I play against due to team speed even if they're 7 rating points better than me in each category (off/mid/def) however my team is not scoring enough to compete and win against these guys with all 80+rated gold teams, my rankings are 77 offense, 77 mid and 77 def. I've not paid more than 1200 coins for any player (Bent and Carrick) and it's mainly an england/premier league based team. My team has evolved into a Pacy team however I still have a few players out of position and one or 2 that doesn't like my formation. (I'll admit that I'm not the most skilled player but I win more times than I lose now when I play the non UT online version where you pick a real team.

I started this UT 3 weeks ago (my first ever) and didn't really understand the chemistry dynamic (my chemistry is 75 max right now). I DONT sell cards for profit as I've not had any success doing so and haven't spent the time doing it. I've built this team based on winnings alone (and it's been quite fun). So basically I have a team full of pace in forward and midfield with the slowest player of any striker or midfielder having 85 pace ... i use the 4-3-3 formation.

Basically I'm looking for some advice on how to become a better scoring team (how to think about some of the positions) and where to add in certain type of skill players.

Below is my team:

Goalkeeper is a Premier League guy named Foster (He's been spectatular so far)

LB Fabio (75 overall, pretty fast)--- CB Bassong (75 ovral) -- CB Carrick (82 I Know!!!) -- RB Hutton (76 Bought for 400)

LM - Sessengnon (79, he's a beast but a CAM I believe) -- CM Pennant (77 overall, another beast with 90 speed but think he's a RM) -- RM Albrighton (85 IS a RM and 85 speed and solid except low D)

LF Elias (77 overall, 82 speed my slowest in the front 2 lines and is a CAM, prob not a great fit) -- ST Martinez (this guy is 88 speed and is from colombia and plays in mex 1, scored a lot for me but not much ball skills) -- RW Bent (82 overall??, 89 speed -- just got him and love him... would rather him at ST)

On my Bench is Hoilett RW (ranking is around 78 i think) and he has 91 pace (Just got him for 400 last night for his pace, don't know if he'll fit but thoughts of him and Bent racing goalward is exciting to me)... and De Santos Rw which has 85 speed as well with decent skills (but hasn't performed well for me). I have mostly high 70s rated gold players all bought for under 1200 and all with big speed except Defensive players have a mix between speed and D...

I will try Hoilett in the front line with Bent and Martinez or a combo of Elian, De Santo, Bent ant Hoilett trying to find the right combo. I like thoughts of having Bent and Hoilett as wings (but they're out of position) and having Martinez in the middle as he's kinda a bigger player. I ultimately would like one of the large Chelsea guys in this mix like Drogba, Kalou or that other big striker kid they have (not mata)...

I basically buy a gold contract card after each game so that I keep everyones contracts up... this sustains my team well and is tons of fun... occasionally I play a couple of games with a crappy bronze team that I put together to spread out my play and use some of those contracts....

SO obviously, i need to get carrick out of defense and probably get rid of the CAM players for my 4-3-3. Carrick is not a speedster but maybe I need him in Midfield for the thru balls and lobbed thru balls to my speed guys. IF there's another Mid fielder, that I should consider, let me know... The perfect cheap midfielder for me seems to be Landon Donovan with 80 ratings in shooting, pace and passing. I'm going after him in free agent market tomorrow and think I can get him under 2k coin. I expect that as I refine this team to a perfect balance of speed and skill, that I'll have to get rid of some of my guys or relegate them to mostly spot play.

I wonder what any of you would do.... where to sub in a particular "Cheap gold" player and what else to tweek. I play a mix of long thru balls/lofted thru and fast buildup possession.. AND remember that I can't buy super expensive or even moderately expensive players. I have the ability to get up to 3k coins any given night with a few games but will eventually need to use some of that for contract replentishment.

This current team has a hard time keeping possession as some of their other skills aren't up to Gold quality snuff but the speed keeps me in games and gets me 4 or 5 big opportunities per game.

So who? What CB? What midfielder to compliment the speed? Could carrick prosper here or should I get donovan or another mid?