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Youth Team
Hello guys as you know now this is my Latest Bootpack that's mean no more upcoming updates
I had spent too many years here and I have enjoyed playing this game and sharing update, but you know I'm human and I have a life
I'm not leaving because of money, but I will leave my country and it's not easy for me I have to work harder than before
Also, I'm glad that too many Bootmaker are sharing with me their own work for free and I wish them success in their life
Finally, don't be sad about this news, but you have to be happy that we play this game and we really enjoy it and I wish for you all the best and good luck
@Harry BullZak is one of best he always trying something new but few people understand that as a mini modder i'm so happy that we have a person who spend his time on this and i'm sure 100% that FIP V4 will be a massive and the greatest patch . We are very lucky to have you @Harry BullZak and i wish you the best in your life buddy
With all the best Pitico3
The best friend friend, thank you for creating content of the best quality, thank you very much and come good things for you and family


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Youth Team
Greetings @memeje02 could you make the new Puma Ultra Ultimate


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hello everyone please some of you have the opportunity to pass me the updated shoe folder with related game data thanks