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CreationMaster15 12-07-2021 17-25-31-46.jpg

Suarez Special boot
Credit : @BR7 FIFA KiTS @pao4ever
Link :


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Do we have, as I'll say, "general" shoes and gloves pack with their names?
Because I have shoes and gloves in my mod, but I don't know what shoes and gloves they are and I'm not familiar with them.
no without names i just replace them i know there's a lot of old boots i just do my best and change the old by the new


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I want to Release a Mini patch for Fifa 14 next season including new (Boots Gloves kits balls ) and of course DB compatible with 3.0.6 Stad + Promoted Clubs and new young players in few days i will share some picture and tell me your opinion
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