New EA Patch Screwed Up My Career Save


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Im freaking pissed as hell, IS EA JOKING???
The new patch completely screwed my career save game, it says its damaged and won't open!!!! WTF????
Is there any way to freaking fix this, GOD DAMN EA... INCOMPETENT LOSERS...


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Why is it a wrong section? My fifa is edited, I made my own team in creation master 15.

BTW I managed to get it to work, but my team's name is *TeamName_Abbr15_130010 in game


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is there anyway to prevent EA update, i mostly play offline, so i really dont need update, it always ruin my edited file :(


FiReFTW;3791457 said:
Why is it a wrong section?

because you never read the forum breakdown thread explaining why.

i suggest you read it.

your save game database and the EA patch database are different, your
save is damaged and no longer useless you revert back to a previous version
of the game.


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It sounds like you are using a custom db?? Like modding way?? If that's the case then reinstall that mod and it should then work.

I am always fearful of ea updates since fifa 12 and 13 destroying many of my career files. These days I keep the vanilla db backed up incase this happens.