New FIFA 07 Gameplay Movie and Intro


Youth Team
Head over to gametrailers to see the new intro and gameplay movie (XBOX)! Hurry though, becuase it only stays on the first page for a couple of days and I don't have the game-specific link. You could always search for it from the main page, too, so don't be alarmed if you are late in reading this and it is not there.

I just have to say that after watching the intro it is evident that the FIFA developers have done a great job. I can't wait for more updates.


Youth Team
The intro includes all the new animations, moves, etc. Ronaldinho's move was class and I like the cross that Joe Cole has. They even have Christiano Ronaldo carving up the defense just like in real life, but the only thing that takes away the authenticity of it is the fact that he doesn't dive when the play's over (only kidding).

Most of the teams don't have their new kits yet like Barca or Inter, but obviously they will all be updated later. I can see that they kept the fake shot in the game, I just hope it is easier and more effective. However, all of these minor details don't matter much. In my opinion the greatest improvement comes in the goalkeeper department. Just look at the quick reactions of the keeper while he is on the ground after saving the first shot. Amazing!


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OUCHHH!! OUCHH!!! SAme graphics, same physics!! Grrrrr.... Let's see how will it be when demo comes out. From what i've seen on the intro and gameplay video, nothing outstantin new... :boohoo: Keep playing the sad song EA


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well since they have pushed the graphics to teh max on xbox and ps2 u cant rlealy expect improvements in that area


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The only problem is that the ball should be a bit heavier. It was acting a little like a beach ball. Maybe I'm wrong?


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i found it my bad it looks like the ball physics have changed and looks cool I really liked the cool move cole did. if u can't beat pes why not just join em