New Goal Net Style and unlocked balls for FIFA 19


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Good evening all,

Here's a small contribution for our community.

As you can see I have changed "Goal Net Style" for all stadiums and tried to be more realistic for each of them.

Example :

Old Trafford :


Santiago Bernabeu :


Included in this mod,all balls are unlocked :


To add this mod into your game you must have Frosty Mod Manager in order to apply it


Link :

Extra : If you want that goal nets be more realistic (in the way when you score a goal like in Football Kingdom) you can also add this command "SOCCERNET_BOX_DEEP_LOOSE_4_SUPPORTS=1"(without quotes) in your FIFA 19 root folder FIFA19/Data/locale.ini


This week i will also try to release new turf (which will include much better texture).

Warm regards,



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It's not working for me. :/

Applied the mod with Frosty, like normal, but it does give me a warning at Frosty description tab: (WARNING: Mod was designed for a different patch version). Perhaps it's not compatible with EA's latest update?


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Does anyone know why, when I set the game to play with the 'default' ball (this is with the stock game but with the balls unlocked), why it just gives me the EA ball every time? Default never gives me the right ball in the right league.


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you have to update the mod with the latest version of fifa, otherwise the incompatibility exits when we import the mod


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Thanks very much for the mod , I want to ask if you can make hi-ves version of the premier league balls ,You can hardly see the black lines on the ball when ball is spinning