New Kits 2009/2010


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yeah, they should have the war paint while they play too, haha!

on a serious note, what's up with nike's socks? on the feet area, ive noticed its been like that for a couple of years already, no matter what the color of the leg area is, the feet are white with some weird stitching pattern? any particular reason/purpose?


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Anthony;2643765 said:

I hope Nike use that template for the new United shirt. (Y)


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Oh, Poland has turned a technical sponsor from Puma to Nike and I think that other teams release new kits for money :P


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According to the Daily Star. United, Chelsea and Arsenal were none too pleased with the design for their new kits,

The Premier League's biggest clubs unveiled early designs for new kits for next season to negative reactions from supporters. Manchester United's shirt was described as "vulgar" and a "disgrace", Chelsea fans said their club's new kit would make them look like "muppets" and an Arsenal fan said his side's new shirt would be "one of the most unpopular ever". (Daily Star)

No pictures yet though.


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Xifio;2644847 said:
why the hell are other teams releasing new jerseys this year? new kits are going to be released with a new template and new kit font for the world cup next year, so surely this is a shameless, pointless exercise?

I guess so that supporters buy the new kits, so the producing companies get more money.


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Nady;2645052 said:
I guess so that supporters buy the new kits, so the producing companies get more money.

Exactly - Allthough I thought English teams agreed to two year lifespans for each kit (barring sponsor/supplier changes) But it seems that they are changing yearly as well (Chelsea have only had theirs for one year - they premiered it in Moscow)