New Kits 2009/2010


Starting XI
I'm sure I read somewhere before that the detail on the Madrid shirt is an older version of their logo not an award.


Reserve Team
FC Utrecht new Kappa kits:



Xifio;2658076 said:
looked around that site more, and found this:

which is interesting because another picture of the Real Madrid home jersey was posted a while back, and that too had the little white detail on the right side of the chest:

still not too sure what it is ... and I still think it doesn't quite look like the original Real Madrid badge/logo (which, unless there is some historical fact I'm unaware of, wouldn't make much sense anyway) ... hopefully it's not just another lame-ass gimmick (which wouldn't surprise me) ...

this time they use the firts logo ever because trofeo santiago bernabéu doest count.

beauty psv kit.