New Kits 2009/2010


Starting XI
Borussia M'Gladbach(H/A/T)

FC Energie Cottbus

1. FC Nürnberg home

Rot-Weiß Essen


Fan Favourite
Dytza;2692462 said:
It's the 'V' period of football kits. see, after man. utd. bordeaux also have Vs

Except it's been part of Bordeaux's trademark since the 40s! ;)

That home kit is pretty bad I think! Shame the title will be defended with that horror.


Reserve Team
Bobby;2692692 said:
I don't like when German teams put the club name on the top. I know who I'm watching.

i think its more a club is bigger/more important than the player image they're trying to put across. sorta like the old idea that players names shouldnt be on jerseys


Reserve Team
love werder kits .. green and orange with a high-scoring positive football ... i like to watch werder matches ..