New serie a kits 2011-2012


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ionutz2009;3168776 said:
Great Kits Bro,after finish Serie B,start to make Liga Adelante?

I planned this works in this order:
1) Finish Serie B kits and make the pack with minikits (still to convert)
2) Upload serie A pack with kits and minikits (READY!)
3) Upload packs of Liga, Ligue1, Bundesliga and Premier League with Kits and minikits (minikits still to convert)
and then I thought to make kits of Liga Sagres Portugal and Eredivisie Nederland

As you can see, there's a lot of work to do...


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ionutz2009;3169187 said:
Bro,i have minikits for Serie A,Liga,Ligue 1,Bundesliga and Premier League,i convert and mini for Serie B.OK

I have all the kits, instead.
This weekend, if you post the links to download minikits, I'll make the packs and upload them

For Kahn-Titan: Can you post the links to download Bundesliga Kits and minikits?

Thanks to all, bros.


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ionutz2009;3169737 said:
Pescara GK v2:

Pescara 3RD

Very good kits. It's fantastic how we are working together!!

Today I'll make Padova kits and upload completed packs.

Has anyone minikits packs for Liga Espana and Ligue 1 France?