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Tried to open a new account with a new email but the site doesnt seem to be sending activation links so i used my old account.

Hi im not a kitmaker by any means but i wanted Newcastle's new kit and no one had made it, well not when i made this awhile back anyway so decided to put it up here incase anyone else wants it, I did a rumoured version of the new away kit aswell but i will update when the real one comes out. Also there is a bonus 95-6 home shirt but it has a few issues on the lines of the sleeves but if anyone wants it, ill include it aswell.

Link with All files =


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Oh and i suck at minikits no idea how to do them etc, but i made this rubbish ones just to go with them incase anyone wants them



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Oh my goodness! I have been waiting for Newcastle kits for ages. Thanks for this mate. How about making their other older kits as well? I can provide pics if you want.

BTW, the latest home kit has Puma logos on the sleeves and the back of the shirt says '1892'. Check out this pic

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