Nike Magista FIFA 16 Boot Template [PSD]

pe pe

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Not many bootmakers around this year, huh?

I was looking through the forums for new Nike Magistas to complete Electro Flare pack in FIFA 16 and noticed that hardly anyone makes boots for 16. The problem is that the whole community is dependable on a couple of bootmakers and when one of them stops making boots out of boredom or due to lack of time nobody can continue or build upon their work. So I decided to make and share PSD template of Nike Magista for anyone to use, to create their own boot and, hopefully, share with the rest of us.

The purpose of it is to provide some simple groundwork. I know it's not perfect, but every element is on separate layer and has its own path. No gradients, no patterns, only flat colored shapes. File dimension are 2048x2048 so most imperfections will be ironed out after resizing. Keep in mind that it is based on EA default texture which has poor quality on its own, but it was my main prerequisite to use EA's texture as a reference, so that it would be compatibile with default 3D bumps and reflexes, which AFAIK are not accessible and we can't import them to rx3 containers (or at least I'm unable to).

Here's a 512x512 preview (original file is 2048x2048)

Link: (~32mb)

Oh, and please, don't rename this topic for anything stupid like "pe pe's graphics" or something. Couple of weeks ago I shared FA cup adboards and it got renamed even though I had no intentions to create any other adboards. There are plenty of topics like XYZ's graphics and it is a chore to find anything. IMHO it would be much more user friendly if the names are more significant and specific, i.e. "FA Cup 15/16 adboards" instead of "XYZ's graphics".

I dont care for any credits, so feel free to do with it whatever you want: edit, modify, reupload and SHARE.


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Thanks a lot for the work, mate ;)

I hope to release soon the Electro Flare Magistas, drawing and positioning one-by-one the dots and the "melange" textures on the Dynamic Collar Fit requires 6/7 hours of hard work, yesterday I've spended the entire day testing the bumps and reflexes, we should affront several difficulties every season and this makes our job slower and slower. I create boots and many other stuffs -during my poor freetime- just for sharing them with YOU, just for something called "passion" and I'm sure that you'll understand that's all, I'm absolutely not bored to release something as soon as possible :)

pe pe

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a L E x _ 1 O your work is greatly appreciated, if it wasn't for you there would be hardly any reason to come back on soccergaming anymore. Your textures are superb, keep it up! Can't wait for your upcoming releases, hope you'll stick around.


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Hello, you have more textures in PSD to other boots .. as mercurial or hyper venom .. I want to create more textures but not to find .. greetings


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Great work man, I hope you make some boots too. guys like nabo , mh25 , rout are not making boots anymore :(