No crowd on PES 2008


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I am running the new Pro Evo on a relatively decent system. 2.66GHz P4, 512mb RAM, Radeon 9200 128mb. There are limits to my ability to change the settings though.

My graphics card restricts me to only using the Low graphics setting, regardless of the screen resolution. I am therefore currently running 1024*768 on Low.

For some unknown reason this means that when I am in-game, there is no crowd in the stadium. The crowd noise is there, but they are not!

Secondly, the sound quality is not very good as it crackles every now and again, especially when gameplay slows down for a corner or after a goal.

Could anyone advise me on how to solve these issues please? Obviously a new graphics card is the most obvious answer to money is a bit tight!



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What you have isnt really decent :P..i have a 2.66 ghz P4, 2 gb ram, nvidia geforce 6600 128 mb, with a 300gb hdd and mine is one of the ****tiest computers :P. I can use the medium settings, BUT surprise surprise everything goes slow motion, the lack of fans is a normal setting..its to stop lagg thats why the graphics is on "LOW". To the sound quality issues..probably ur sound card. Theres no other way to fixing ur problems apart from getting a new system..what im doing anyway,

i know this doesnt help but at least it will stop ur confusion,

enjoy :P,


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