Odd job offers


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Funny thing happened to me, the other day. I'm the Rayo boss. 18 months into the job. No major honours. A respectable 11th finish in La Liga and currently 8th. I put my name down for the vacant job at Sporting. Currently struggling in 16th.

Oddly, I get the job. An Englishman with no honours to his name and next to nowt in noticeable reputation. Bizarre, isn't it? Yet, I've been offered the job, taken it and now won a Portuguese Cup, Super Cup and finished 3rd in the Portuguse Premier League. Jardel scoring 55.

Anybody else had a random job offer? I mean, it's to my understanding there were better names floating around. And, to my knowledge, Rayo and Sporting aren't linked in any way. The only possible reason could be that Sporting's 'I need results now' Chairman was putting them off.

Christ knows, but can anyone better that?