[Official News] SEGA brings FM 2005 to E3


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it's looking good, cant wait for it.
I like the new player sprites, you will get a better idea of the kits with these, teams like Villa and Arse will have the different colour shoulders.


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I just read the whole thread, and you're aible to choose not to display the pics (Y)(Y). I don't like them anyway, and it will make it faster

The player pictures thing has been done to death already:

-They will be in if we get licenses (not for all players)

-You will be able to choose via the Game Preferences whether to display these or not

-You can add your own

-There won't be a blank space when viewing a player who has no picture

-Pictures are not recycled for regenerated players


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To the ones who are interested in EHM, SI has announced that they acquired the NHL licences and it will now be called NHL Eastside Manager.

Sweet. I can now try and end the 38 year old Cup drought of the Maple Leafs.


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No, it doesn't. It's got the CM4 engine, as they had the time to upgrade while waiting for the NHL license. Mind you: less players, and also the much smaller pitch, is a lot better in this engine. Less leakyness in the defense for instance. :p


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i hope it has the best of CM4 and CM 03/04 as they both rock :rockman: Is there any footage at IGN or places like that? as i have only seen some early box art so far.


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Another bit of SI news:

Breaking News : Football Manager signs with MLS
13/05/2004 @ 09:09:29

It's been revealed by Sports Interactive managing director Miles Jacobson that a deal has been concluded with the MLS which will not only see the MLS league in Football Manager 2005 (and sequals) but will also see the game released in North America through Sega, and called "MLS Manager 2005" in the US.

More news to follow in the coming weeks.....


Theres a few hidden diamonds in the MLS mind. You can find yourself a good keeper, look at Howard :)

The new 2D match engine looks pretty usual, the only thing is that the players look as if they have wings :|


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Yes. Here's a new feature, confirmed and all: You will be able to change the look of the players in the 2d match engine. So don't mind the wings (meant to be arms, btw), there will be some options to choose from there.