Official SoccerGaming EPL Fantasy League 2012/13


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G'day all,

EPL Fantasy is back for another year and so is the SG League!

If you were part of the SG League last year, you'll automatically be entered once again if you login with the same details.

If you're new and would like to join, register and the code to join is:

Good luck and hope to see you there! (Y)


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Let's go second half! I've been taunting my friends for weeks about not picking Africans because of the African Cup of Nations. Ohhhh what do you know stupid Americans, Senegal and Cameroon didn't qualify!

Anyway, here's hoping that Newcastle has a good second half; if they do Cisse is the only guy who will be scoring. My team is pretty awesome though, and I love the price of Sterling.


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Lol, first reply in the thread halfway through the season, about a different fantasy league. (H)

Prices are much closer together in that version, it seems. Van Persie is like $14 in the official game. This round Chelsea has 2 matches, so I've got Ivanovic, Hazard and Ba to hopefully get me some points.


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I only get 20 transfers to the end of the year. Not sure how many you all get. Makes it really difficult to count on guys who have 2 games in a week. I did at least make Mata my captain.


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I just removed Ba from my team and got Suarez because I have no idea how Ba will do in his new team and Suarez is in good form.