OFFICIAL Transfers 2007-2008


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Ronaldo Bianchi (Reggina) ---> Manchester City (8,8mil£/12,9mil€)

He scored 18 times in Serie A last season as ManC scored 29 EPL. (H)


Reserve Team
Cristiano Lucarelli (Livorno) -> Schachtjor Donezk [5,8 Million Deal]
Ailton (Grasshopper Club/Red Star Belgrade) -> MSV Duisburg
Khalid Boulahrouz (Chelsea FC) -> Sevilla FC [one-year loan]


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didn't know about the buying option...
he had like 5 matches with us last season and failed to impress, but hopefully he'll have a good season with you guys since he already knows the league and all.
I doubt he'll have a second chance here next season, so I hope Independiente buys him :p

Voltaic Borusse

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Fatass (Grasshoppers Zurich/Red Star) -----> MSV Duisberg


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Well, not that much, since it's just a 1 year loan. Many players have been through those things (Saviola, and now he got to sit for Real).


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Filipower;2361411 said:
haha now that's what you call a step back in a career :(

im not to sure about that, zaragoza are building thier team to be in the top 4, with delessandro, and aimar in the middle with diego milito and now ricardo oliveira in the attack, it will only add to th depth of the team, also now thay ayala is moving their, and gmilito is out, he adds more expierence to the team.