Online Matches & Leagues Official Thread


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hey fellow fifa games, if your looking for some matchups and tournaments come to #fifa2005 in EFnet on MIRC for Direct IP Matchups and Tournaments, hope to see you there


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If you wanna play online matchup games you should go to #esl.fifa @ quakenet!!! this room always have 300+ people in it!


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Hey PEOPLE CHANGE OF ROOM, COME TO #FIFA2K5 on EFNET not #FIFA 2005, someone was bad enough to fool us and take over the room thanks :D


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who ever was the lowlife that stole the channel, you are stupid, taking the fun out of the game, there are no online matchups at #fifa2005 just bots, if anyone wants to really do online matches join #fifa2k5 we'll have direct ip game.


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Direct IP anyone?

hey i'll play anyone a game of Fifa 2005 from direct IP, just leave a message if interested.


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You can play IP or EA server all the time with Tafoda Community

Hi guys. I'm one of Tafoda International Team leaders and i came here to explain you all Fifa lovers what we are.
We are a Fifa multi-country online clan with only 6 months. Dispite we are very recent, Tafoda Community have already 4 Teams spread by all over the world. The teams are Tafoda Portugal Team, Tafoda Mexico Team, Tafoda United Kingdom Team, Tafoda North America Team.

Each one of these teams have 2 managers who organize, recruit and select the best to play in Tafoda International Team. This International Team will have the best players of each sub-team and play in special online competitions.

Dispite we're very recent we have taken 7 of our players to World Cyber Games Grand Finals:

Our headquarter is in IRC server Quakenet. You can visit us in:

Tafoda Community has a sponsor that give us the power to play and talk with our opponent at same time with a microphone. All Tafoda members have the right to open an account.

Tafoda Clan is recruit players to organize, help and/or play.

We achieved 6th place in ESL Clan ladder:
- Tafoda International Team »

To all Fifa lovers, all of you that enjoy to play online. You can be part of this huge project that will make us the biggest Fifa CLan in the World. You can join your country Tafoda team or u can be brave and create your country Tafoda clan. You will always have our support.

Who wants to try??


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Tafoda Clan

Hi Nielz!

If you want to become one of the best in the world, Tafoda is a good place to learn. We have some of the best players in the world in Fifa2004 and Fifa2003 and our clan is a Fifa school too.
We all learn from each other.

If u want to know us, download Mirc 6.16 »

connect to and join #tafoda.fifa

Search for Taf|ORG|ECB or Taf|ORG|Roxo... if they dont answer leave a message and stay in the channel or show up later. :p

Anyone interested too??


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can we use this thread for ps2 online stuff? like posting user names? or should I create another thread for that so I can get more attention?`


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FIFA Online: Update patch

I try to log in so I can play online but it says I need to download an update patch, so I go through with the procedure and click 'start'. It downloads but about one third into the process is aborts for some reason.

Anybody else experiencing this problem?

Has anybody else downloaded it yet?


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I had the same problem it took a few atempts to get it, problem is now every time i try play an online game i get dissconnected at the start of the game. This is happening to a few people. Anyone got any idea's. we've everything we can think of, turning firewall off, clearing the windows task manager and opening ports


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I have the same thing, just tried turning off all firewalls and it still does it.

Anyone post the patch on here from other site?