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XBLLN Presents FIFA 2005 Leagues.

Club Team League: ult.asp?LeagueID=9

International Team League: ult.asp?LeagueID=10

If you are looking for an adult league, where guys actually play their games, don't cheese, and show good sportsmanship then we are for you. This league is about competition, rivalries and wins/losses. Our leagues have been around for 5 years PC/XBOX, we are not a hit and run league. Most of our members play in all of our leagues (Madden, FIFA, NFL 2K5, NHL 2K5, HALO 2, NCAA, NBA etc. etc.) which creates an even more sportsman like environment. The fee which is less than a value meal at Wendy's gets you two seasons of play in two different FIFA leagues (you will get one team in the club league and one team in the international league). That's 4 total seasons!

Some brief info...In our league we use the top 32 teams, in both the International and the Club leagues. There isn't a huge discrepancy between the #1 and the #32 team, so it is still possible to compete with a lesser team. Also, we play 2 seasons, the first season is first come first serve and the second we have a team draft where the guy who finished last gets to pick his team first etc. The second season follows immediately after the first.

We have had players win our other leagues with lesser teams. In our Madden league our best player is 8-1 with the worst team in the game. Plus you have the factor of guys actually playing with teams they root for even if they are not the best team available.

As for scheduling, I can understand, as so does the rest of our league. It is an adult league and we all (well most of us) have careers as well. The schedule is light, you are only required to play one game a week. It is set up this way due to the reason we have players in the UK, Ireland, Canada, and the US currently. All the different time zones make for a lot guys playing their games on the weekends.

If you are 18 or older and looking for a serious league, check out the sites. If interested after that contact me @

[email protected] (include your gamertag, age & AIM/YIM info)



Club Team League: ult.asp?LeagueID=9

International Team League: ult.asp?LeagueID=10


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I play on XBox Live, my gamertag is: Stuntm4n

Anyone who wants to play, just add me to your friends list and we'll play some games. :)


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United League (online FIFA for XBOX) is currently looking for members. Using EPL (english premier league) teams only. Two teams are avaiable right now, and plans are to create a full first division (ie the COCA COLA CHAMPIONSHIP division) as well (so relegation and promotion). All applications for the league subject to commissioner approval. I am not the commish, so post reply (or PM if this forum has that), and I will direct you to the proper contacts. This is a well run league full of committed members..........Time committment is 1 game per week (as of now), and must have headset.

Join the fun


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How can i play fifa 2005 online,i try it from the game and i got that"to access the online feature of this game , the installation of this component is required,please refer to the readme file for more detail" i have not this readme file,


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Contact me at below if you want to play a direct ip game

Contact me at below if you want to play a direct ip game. It;s worth it so far i'm 6/6 so far so good highest WIN 5-0 lowest WIn 1-0. {COME ON}:) :hump:

[email protected]


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I'm experiencing problems:
"Your IP address" is

this is my local IP

how can I set this manually?

by the way, please add me at