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I need you're opinion,
if i want to play online should i remove all patches to play or leave 'em and not play


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mody2088 wants to play online#####

i'm mody 2088

the best professional fifa 2005 player

i'm the champion of fifa 2005 tournament on fifa community forum

i want play online with any one

i can beat anyone in the first time only

my email\ [email protected]

my ip\*************

just reply

i'm online 5 hours from now


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Originally posted by SuRFy
Xtreme i saw you a few times online and i was wonderin if you would like a match I'm E2EK13L 101.

sure just add me in ur messenger (easportsonline) and message me when i'm on


Red Card - Multiple Accounts
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Online Play and Direct IP

I have some problems:

When I go to play online, it tells me to imstall a patch, i tried and it says ''PATCH ABORTED"


When i try to play Direct IP, I connect easily and choose team, kit....but then when i get to the begining it ALWAYS gets me a "Connection Lost", I'ce called ISP and said they dont bloack any ports.....I also dont have any Patches Installed?
Any one with the Same problem??
Anyone have a solution??


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yep :rockman:
EA should punt people for like a hour if they quit like 3 games a day
would be nice to see quiters punished


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i happen the same problem if the pc is behind a firewall.

try shutting off any firewall


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I Think connection lost is not intentional probably like a problem with the connection and the player quits it like :sb9:


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yup usually because of connection problem~

Hi everybody!Im new here~

Im from Malaysia and would like to play with anyone from Asia only.Sorry i cant play with Europe or America players because its goin to be a laggy game.
But maybe we can exchange info on this great game :)
Anyway u all are welcome to add me up~
Pls send me an email telling who u are and where u from~
Thank u very much~

[email protected]
YM=loceng_max :)


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Why can't I play Online?? Please help

Just got this game. When I click on "play online" option, a red screen comes up and immidiately this small window opens, telling me to install updates in order to play. I click "OK" and this gray screen comes up, telling me to click on "start" to get patches installed. After about 1 minute, at the bottom of screen it reads something like "trying to establish connection session..." and then "manifesto patch failed," or something like that. Bottom line, I can't play online :( What do I need to do to be able to play online? I'm sure there are experts here who can take me through the steps here.

Thanks again guys.