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hey, thanks alot for the link, you finally enabled me to play.

But one more thing... when I play online, why does the game flow keeps stopping and then going, and then again stopping, and then again going? it's annoying as hell; it doesn't happen when I play the computer offline. Do you experience this too? how can I fix it?

If you don't know what I'm describing, let me know and I'll explain more clearly.

thanks again


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Np problem mate. Yeah James is right, it's probably a bad connection or you have too many background programs running. :)


check out

we have 4 leagues going right now as well as a 64 team cup, we will have a ladder league up and running soon also..


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Any FIFA 2005 online leagues around?

I'd like to try and find a league to join, hopefully a North American one so the connections are good.

Anybody know of ANY Fifa 2005 leagues for North America? (I'm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada).


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FIFA 2005 PC Online Tournament!

Hey, I am new to the forums and i am just wandering whether FIFA 2005 can be played online on the PC. If so would anyone be interested in starting a tournament? It would be an international tournament to start with, so please leave your name, the team you would like to be and preferably an MSN address for instant messaging contact! :D

By the way, i will start by claiming England! :D


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We here at DMT are starting up again with our second tournament in fifa2005. We had a good start with the first season. We are open for members again now.
Unfortunally our URL is all in danish, but I and others are helpful if you want to join. All nationalities are welcome! We allready have some members from Norway, sweden and Poland.
Contact me if you have trouble finding around in our site!
Tjek it out.... DMT


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how to play online

Hello , I am a starter on online playing.
I never played online ever.
What do I need to do to be able to play online.
Do I need to download some programs?
And what is important for me:
does the database fifa.db to be original to be able to play online?
I switch between 3 databases because they cause trouble if I make all changes in one database.
So I have also the original fifa.db available.


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gaming leagues

For all you wanna be league admins out there - this looks like it could be your ticket and it looks like its free


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multiple usernames FIFA 2005

Question: I recently bought FIFA 2005 for the PC, registered it an I'm now playing online with no problems. My brother wants to have his own record as well, but it seems that you can only play online with one username, otherwise you need another registration code. How can 2 people play using the same computer, same game copy, but with different usernames? do I need to buy another copy?? That would be ridiculous.



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Just a quick question , what's happened to ? ... :jambo:

Huh, my own link works now
Been trying for 15 mins with site unavailable screen coming up .. :)