Only in Indonesia...


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Meh, that's nothing. Just go to a London tube station. Happens all the time. Only difference is, they sleep on the track instead.


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Perhaps you misunderstood. People frequently throw themselves in front of a train. It pretty much happens everyday. Have you never heard the announcement? "Due to a person under a train..."


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Not true. I've become stuck on the tube three times already this year because of people under trains/on the tracks. Most recently about 4-5 weeks back when someone was under a train at Liverpool Street leading to the Central Line being closed both ways from Leytonstone to Oxford Street for a good few hours.


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Tom;2367460 said:
Yeah and it happens about once a year.

Not to be rude, Tom. But where exactly did you pull this figure from...and why? There are millions of people in London, and you thought this sort of thing happens once a year!?


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Your mum.



(You should be able to tell that this is as close as im getting to admitting i was wrong)