[P/R] Man City vs Man United


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goal_machine84 said:
What a really fcuked up game :kader:....evra was ok at best, silvest was gangraped by city and well credit to city that they took their chances. I hope diarra comes and if houlier wants tweety then it would be perfect...btw if houlier saw this match he would rather buy titus bramble !!

And that ref.... benchod bennet....what can i say. The title is now gone for sure imo.

the title is gone for long time. now i wonder whether we can secure the champions league spot for next season consider arsenal and spurs fine form :(


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rony31 said:
why try to trap the ball when it's in your own half and players are all around you? isn't it better to just kick it away and clear the danger? there's no point in defending him. he got frustrated by the Jordan tackle and non-call, so obviously when he went in he was a bit crazy. maybe halfway through the tackle he came to his senses and tried to bring his foot down and make it look like his original intent was to win the ball, but you cant let a player get away with those studs-up challenges, even if they miss their targer

It was a definate foul by Jordan. :nape:

it would have been easier to accept if bennet had been consistent, but he wasnt. barton with that nasty tackle on rooney, nothing done, where rooney was gifted a yellow card. :boohoo:


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Everyone who's judging Evra by those 45 minutes yesterday is an idiot. The guy was thrown into the Manchester Derby at ****ty's ground, he hasn't played with any of his teammates yet, he had a f'uck-up like Silvestre alongside him to screw the things up even further and concede two goals practically on his own and then Evra's the one getting taken out and his position being filled with another f'uck-up called O'Sh|te. Surely the lad now can't wait for his next appearance, everybody bashing him certainly does wonders to his confidence. However he's a great player and should he get the proper chances will be great for us.


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What the hell is everybody raving about Ronaldo's tackle? Yeah it was a bad one, a red card. So? It's not even close to the worst of the season. Have any of you hypocrites looked at Gerrard and Essien two-footed challenges this season? Go whine about that. Ronaldo was frustrated, lunged out, missing Cole by a mile but got what he deserved. Big deal... You people make it oh so big while in fact it was just a bad tackle, just like the foul on Ronaldo before he lunged out. That was at least yellow card material.

Anyway. When, God when is somebody at United going to stand up and say: 'This is ******* it! SAF you're off. Failing to fix midfield and defence, cocking up in the transfermarket, acting like a total retard, lack of proper representation of the club is enough reason to send you packing. Bye, thanks for the silverware but you're done."

United have been crap for at least three seasons, failing to address problem areas like defence and most notably midfield. Defensive mistakes like those made against City have been going on since Stam was sold for no reason. Lack of creativity from midfield, lack of pace in our game, it's all been there since Beckham was sold and Keane and Giggs were not properly replaced.

Signing Vidic and Evra is nice but instead of Evra I'd rather have a decent midfielder. I like Vidic, he's good for replacing Silvestre who must have been absymal all his carreer (heck, he came from INTER!). Can someone look up the comments made by SAF when signing Silvestre, Bellion, Djemba-Djemba, Kleberson and all those other wastes of valuable money? The only good signings made in recent years must be the three R's: Ruud, Rooney and Ronaldo, though the last two were grossly overpiriced.


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Ronaldo needs to stop having those little hissy-fits of his, it's getting extremely annoying. Can't wait 'till Park comes back.


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there is absolutely nothing to bitch about
i watched the replay
Ronaldo's tackle was terrible
there was no intention or whatsoever of him taking a revenge
and that was stupid
he deserves the red card
Jordon's tackle was definately a foul
he never had got the ball
but then Ronaldo had no reason to act so unprofessionally
well done, ref
congratulations, City
now fuck off


hah that red card was pathetic, people go in like that all the time, Maybe if ronaldo even touched him slightly it would of been a card, but he didnt even touch him. F*ckin wanker ref.

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i know that if i was going to get sent off i'd make damn sure i connected with the player :D robbens was even more stupid and refereeing is sub-standard recently!


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All desi people evacuate this thread.

Manchester United even has gloryhunters in ******* Pakistan.


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goal_machine84 said:
And that ref.... benchod bennet....what can i say. The title is now gone for sure imo.

doesn't that mean sister f*cker?
yup i know it! :bob:
dont worry i even called the ref madar**** and bhos****.

he desreved to be called like that.
waht a c*nt bennet is.and now fergie gets a ban or something like that for confronting with bennet . this SUCKS!!!!


he totally turned up the match and this is getting too far. as i had said earlier , the manager has every right to say his word if the ref is such a c*nt


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I think 4 years ago, some EPL ref was demoted to ref old Division 1 games, because of bad calls i think or something. Can't remember for sure.