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You have to put the carrer mod into frosty mod manager, mate! Then you can enjoy it. I understand you are new at Fifa modding but to use more mods you can use frosty tools or CG file Explorer. Read here in the Forum about both tools and choose , or try both of them to find your favourite. As example Paul´s career mod is for the frosty mod manager, download the tool install it, description is allways with the tools, after that you can import this mod in frosty MM apply it, start the game with frosty MM and you have the mod in your game. That´s it. Sounds maybe difficult, but if you do it step by step, you will see it isn´t! Try it!

thanks @Syphon-x .. if I'm going to run multiple mods, where should his go in the order? I'm using FMM.


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Big teams still needs to step up. Had a match where i was Huddersfield in Legendary against Man City and I won 2-0 with 15 shots to their 3 shots and had 62% possession. This is in Kick Off.


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Big teams still needs to step up. Had a match where i was Huddersfield in Legendary against Man City and I won 2-0 with 15 shots to their 3 shots and had 62% possession. This is in Kick Off.
Hi mate,

Were you home or away in that game?

Have you tried it the other way around?

Thanks for testing.


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I am very new to the FIFA game (Aug 1, 2018) but like pretty much everyone else in these forums I quickly realized after a week or so that there is much room for improvement in the game.
I started looking around and Paul's gameplay mod struck my interest because essentially I can't stand watching nor have the patience to run endlessly after tiki taka AI players. I've been playing on and off with Paul's ini mod v3 & v4 for the last 2-3 weeks in player career mode.
I use the difficulty and slider settings shown below.
Regardless whether I use the mod ini or the default ini.
I'm getting slaughtered when I opt to control the team vs locked to a single player.
As time goes I prefer to control a team as my skill level increases.
However this is all part of learning to play the game and I don't mind as long as there's a light at the other end of the tunnel.

Paul does mention on his intro page that he plays a much higher difficulty level and locked to a single player or CPU vs CPU.

Does this mean that this gameplay mod is not recommended for manager/player career modes (when controlling a team)?
Or is it possible but by adjusting the sliders to a somewhat more lenient level?

Also I am wondering if switching the ini during a career negatively affects the gameplay?
I just want to make sure that FIFA isn't caching or hiding and using another another ini file that I'm not aware of?
I sometimes get the feeling that FIFA is changing the game play one day to another.

SPEED: SLOW 10 minute halves.
DIFFICULTY: home semipro/away professional
Actions are all assisted except lob passes (manual).

OSS Community Slider
Sprint Speed - 45/48
Acceleration - 49/49
Shot Error - 50/50
Pass Error - 50/50
Shot Speed - 51/51
Pass Speed - 35/30
Injury Frequency - 64/64
Injury Severity - 4/4
GK Ability - 22/22
Marking - 52/52
Run Frequency - 1/1
Height- 60/60
Length- 42/44
Width- 50/50
Fullbacks 50/50
First Touch Error - 55/55
Fideco's FIFA 18 professional sliders:
Sprint 47/49
Acceleration 48/49
Shot Error 49/49
Pass Error 55/54
Shot Speed 50/50
Pass Speed 39/33
Injury Freq 50/50
Injury Sev. 15/15
GK Ability 22/22
Marking 55/53
Run Freq 5/5
Height 55/55
Length 31/36
Width 51/51
Fullbacks 31/36
First Touch Error 65/65


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Let me ask you (or anyone else who might know), do you happen to know exactly where in the game files slider settings are stored? Is there some ini file where I can find them all?

It's a file in your documents/Fifa19 folder, mine is Settings20181024201513


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Is there any way in fifa 19 to reduce the cpu ping pong style of play. Fifa 19 has to be the worst fifa i have played and i played them all since the first one came out on the megadrive. So many people are complaining to ea about the gameplay problems but as ever EA absolutely refuse to listen.