[PC] Fifa 12 Zlatan87 Superpatch 12 "The Real Soccer Emotion" 2.0


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Ivsa;3286293 said:
Please read what i write, i said to go to your FIFA 12 folder, then Game/data/sceneassets/shoe

in that folder you have all your shoes, i think that ones from 238 to 248 does not have .rx3 file but they have 0_texture and texture file with their number so just create .rx3 file for the shoes that have 0_texture and texture and dont have .rx3

Ohhh, perfect. I understand now, thanks


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I'm sorry for my english.
I've installed this patch,but i have a problem with new kits. For example,Juventus have such kit as in usual FIFA without this patch. Can anyone help me?

And another question. I've read,that this patch using Regularcat's Gameplay Mode? Which version?


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tomek_m;3286891 said:
Fifa 12 Selector 3.0 doesn't work. There aren't any graphic visible in it. In addition there is a bug in this tool because You aren't able to set path for Fifa. For example this tool shows me default path:
D:\EA Sports\UEFA EURO 2012\UEFA EURO 2012\
what isn't true, because the path should be:
D:\EA Sports\UEFA EURO 2012\
and I can't change it because "browse" button despite I choose the path doesn't set it.
I solved the problem by installing TVPopupsChangerbyZlatan87. After installing this patch, the path in Fifa Selector 3.0 changed. It is strange that one patch has influence on another one.:)

same problem :-(


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I installed Grazy patch based on Zlatan 2.0 (I updated only pitch from Zlatan 3.0 and stadium). I change team names so that now I have polish version of grazy database (which was released only in italian). Everything works great.:) I recommend You to install grazy patch. Of course database is from summer 2011/2012 but it is OK for me.


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I have a question, I'm a newbie so I don't know a lot. Every time I want to use the superpatch, I must load the selector and enable Revolution Match Selector and Commentary patch? Am I correct? And after enabling the options, if I press "D" to shoot it switches back to default, can you tell me why this happens?


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Someone is editing graphically (kits etc ...) for the season 2012/2013?

Having the "Zlatan87 Superpatch 2.0/3.0".


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Andreyyy86;3292504 said:
solution for zlatan superpatch 3.0 problem with bots

It works for me:

Ivsa;3285261 said:
Its simple, go in yours FIFA 12 folder, then go to Game/data/sceneassets/shoe

then click on any shoe that is .rx3
DO NOT CLICK on shoe 0_textures or textures

then just make 10 copy-es of the same .rx3 file, for example, take shoe_236.rx3, copy it 10 times and then you will have the same file but with index from 1 to 10, then just rename those files in the corresponding missing shoes, for example, there is no shoe_245.rx3, just take shoe_236.rx3 - Copy.rx3 and rename it to shoe_245.rx3 and that is it, then that shoe will be show ingame, and the just rename the other copy-s to the missing boots, i think that from number 237 to the number 248 are missing!?

Just to be secure, regenerate afterward, im not sure that its needed but just in case, regenerate


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Hey guys i have a problem with some stadiums like estadio vicente calderon when i play there it looks gray no people on stadium no grass nothing just the players anybody knows how to fix this?


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I downloaded the patch and I love it. I just wondered if I did something wrong or there are simply no updated squads?!

If there aren't any, is it planned in the near future?

edit: Oh! And when I want to start career mode it always crashes immediately. Any chance to fix it?
edit²: Sorry mate, the career mode thing is because of ******* Origin! Has nothing to do with your patch.