[PC] Fifa 12 Zlatan87 Superpatch 12 "The Real Soccer Emotion" 2.0


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to all the guys here the missing shoes case is that Zlatan forgot to put the rx3 files of some of the new ones so thats the reason you don't see them in 3d cutscenes when u score or do yadda yadda and the career mode crashing on selection,at the start of creating a career u get the option of choosing squads from these 3:Current Customized,Default,Default+Virtual Pro(correct me if i'm missing something)choose Current Customized if u don't want it to crash (Y)


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can someone help me!!!
before install the 3.0 version
everyting goes fine
when in UCL match the everyting including the kits will change to UCL version

after i installed the 3.0 version
the UCL kit are not change
onle the stadium and the balls change to UCL version
can anybody give the solution



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yeah, cant get my FIFA 13 to work, so please upload this superpatch for FIFA 12.

Use sprend or dropbox to upload big files