Pc Files packed as Rx3 [fbx to rx3]


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Can anyone help me convert trophies to FIFA 16? I've done it myself but it made me stuck during skill game.
I have the same problem , the press start or esc button never shows up , but when i delete the trophy folder it works fine, same problem for all versions


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For fifa 16:
U need convert the models of v1 with my newest version (released 2 weeks ago) of my fifa converter tool
I have the latest version of the converter, and I convert from FO4 new model to FIFA 16, but the result always the same


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for u guys:
did u convert the textures with the converter tool?
try that,
because the original textures may be the cause of the crash
Heres basically what i did ,
took v2 , the one with coloured RGB ribbon
Textures i imported manually to adapt to the ones used by FIFA 14 , still same issue


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for me it worked to convert a trophy to fifa 16
latest tool, v1_full, fo4new to fifa 16
no changes to texture