Pede 54's New 2gk Kit Thread


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hey pede if you take requests can i ask for southafrica new zealand, morocco, egypt and ecuador home & away?


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Hi pede,

I saw you posted the Malaysian national team kits at page 127. Thanks from me Malaysian fan and sports reporter who is currently covering the Tiger Cup football tournament.

I need your favour if you could adjust a few thinks in the jersey. First there is no Malaysian flag at all at the short and secondly maybe the yellow colour a bit different from the original one.

I can't send any pix here but you can go to or to see the kits. If you can do all the kits for Tiger Cup teams -- Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Myanmar, the Philippines, Timor Leste, Laos, and Cambodia -- will be much appreciated.

But it depends on your free time. I did not pressure you to do it since I've got my national team jerseys. Thanks again for your patience.

Hamdan Saaid
Kuala Lumpur


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Lancer.........well done man............:D

HAMDAN.........:D ....well thats a pretty short list this year my old mate......i will correct the Malaysia kits and if i can make some time i will try to do the rest too.......thanx for the link mate.......:D