Pede 54's New 2gk Kit Thread


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Pede, Anderlecht has won today's topmatch against Brugge and so we are only 4 points behind them. Maybe an occasion to make a new kit (hint hint ;) ). Another good thing, my favourite player, Vanderhaeghe, seems to be regaining his place as defensive midfielder. He scored a very beautifull goal today. I'll post it if possible (H)


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Cheers guys i said before that at the moment some of the international teams kits i make are not yet in the game,but soon they will be, in a fantastic new patch thats being put together by some "A List" why they asked me to help out, i'll never know:crazyboy:
Thats all i can say for now ...........:D

Sander...i'll repost the kits man..........

Mixed Boy..........the Malaysia kits are already on the previous page dude.......:D pleasure mate and i'm glad to see that India will be included in this patch.....:D day for you then man........maybe i should just make the Anderlecht kits huh?..........:D


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that would be very nice. Anyway, I went to a a 'christmas market' as we call it. I go to bed rigth now,since i'm kind of drunk. peace out!


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Hey Pede I found in another thread some kits and other team with GK kit problem in this case with the Hearts of the SPL the Boca Juniors also. may be a problem of adjustment in the kit raptor? btw your kits still rocks!:rockman:


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great kits pete. and a great match tonight. Chelsea should have won it though, that 2nd arsenal goal was stupid :S but a great goal from Eidur Gudjohnsen :D did you go to the game?

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Hey very nice Adidas Kits for National teams.:rockman:
Can you make Argentina's home, away, third and keeper(light-blue)?(H)
If you need some pictures i can bring.
If you do don't forget the little flag in the left arm.:p