Penalties for handballs are given!!!!!! HOORAY!!


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I was playin wih arsenal and got a shot off with Henry that hit a defender in the hand and the ball went in the net. I was dissappointed when the ref gave no advantage play.(I was thinkin it was a foul or sumthin else)

Than it happened!!! There was a slow motion replay of the defender clearly touching the ball with his hand and a penalty was awarded. Of course I enjoyed it since I won only 1-0. BUT this is really realistic because not all defensive handballs are called.

I think it's like 1/million handball in the penalty area results in a penalty given. BUT I thought it was not possible till I saw it yesterday. By the way I know sum people talked about this before and said "they thought" it was a handball but did not even see a replay. BUT the replay they showed me was in slow motion with the retarded defender stickin his arm up hahahaha.

I am playin WE7 by the way.


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They should have replays on all handballs - sometimes it's not clear what's just happened. Is there an option in final game to show ALL replays - not just cards and goals.


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Its gets even better than that!

I just witnessed something which in 20 years of playing computer footy I have never seen!

I was playing Germany v Italy and I charged into the German penalty box having accidentally split their defence for once :crazyboy: then Khan or should that be Kalm :rolleyes: charged out and whacked the legs away from my attacker :D

RED CARD he was sent off and although the ball rolled into the empty net, I got a penalty AWESOME stuff!

In any other footaball game [even the real game] the keepers get different treatment from the refs, not it seems in PES3, bring your attacker down and he's last man, he GOES!!!!

Man this game in its full version on PC is gonna rock the house down. BRING IT ON (H)

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Yeah, welcome to the lovely world of PES and Winning ELeven.. I have seen many keepers Red Carded.. and have alos had one PK for a handball in the box... good stuff that.


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yeah i have seen that when trying to get the ball down on the pitch. My jerky attacker tried to control the ball on the air with the leg and the ball hit the leg and his hand.


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Wow - never seen a keeper sent off before. Seen a yellow but not a red. Who got put in goal then? One of your outfield players, or did sub-goalie get brought on?


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one of the defenders gets the gloves and shirt, and they replace
the goalie ;] but then you should replace the defender with the second goalkeeper :D
I played with england when my goalie got red carded, and ferdinand replaced him! :p
awesome stuff :crazyboy: