Pepis21 Stuff


Youth Team
- Wrong location strips on the sleeves,
- Not realistic design is made
- Inaccurate location of seams
- Bad logo Unicef
- Bad logo Nike Team


- All the same
- You copied my work. The red and blue stripes on the socks. :D
In fact, there are no stripes)

but overall - not bad. Go to work, and you will be fine Kit :)


Starting XI
Yeah, the design at the same like yours. Sleves is good. Shorts, i never add eraser on shorts.
GK sock, yes i copied, but i change colours i make this because, aren't socks photos on google.

left side my work, right your

Unicef is good, nike team also :)


Youth Team
Council on the future. Do not copy from others, do it all himself. Do not spread anywhere until you finish a set.
Why copy someone else's mistakes?))


Starting XI
Socks I don't know how look this and I update this after CL Final I never repeat never copied other works I know how it's bad.