PES 13 Kit wrinkles by Sami 1999

Sami 1999

Reserve Team
I'm not very good in editing, but I made some kit wrinkles for PES 13. Not very perfect though. But I'll try to improve it and include more kit wrinkles. You can download it from here:

Download link [Click here]
*****PES 13 Kit wrinkles by Sami 1999*****
*            Version 0.3 beta            *

    This is a patch that changes PES 13 kit wrinkles. This is
still a beta version so there might remain some bugs. In the next
version I'll improve the existing kit wrinkles and try to include
new kit wrinkles if I can.
    So please give me suggestions for next version. :)

*                                     *

1] Includes kit wrinkles from FIFA 13, 14, 15 & PES 14, 15.

2] Textures are twice the size of original one.

**************How to install**************
*                                     *

    To import the file, you need "PES Ultimate Data Explorer
by Barcafan". Just import "unnamed_6871.bin" in "dt0c.img" and
"unnamed_2998.bin" in "dt0f.img" and save it. And thats it, now
you can enjoy the new kit wrinkle.

You can find PESUDE in here:

    And those who use kitserver will already know what to do
by seeing the above tutorial. Just create dt0c/f folder [if its
not there already] and put the .bin files in it. Job done :)

***************Known issues***************
*                                     *

    The wrinkles of hand don't change. Its a bug which exists
even with the original files. Even though in my textures the
wrinkles are different, it doesn't work. I still didn't figure
out how to solve it. Also, some textures still looks a bit blur
[Especially the FIFA kit wrinkles] as the source texture was way
too small. And there are some issues at the right end of the
player's kit where the wrinkle placement is not matched. Sorry
about that. I'm still trying to fix it. Oh, and the tight kit
wrinkles don't have the texture used for models used for gameplay
camera. It uses the texture of normal kit wrinkle. There is
nothing I can do about it and only way to fix it is to increase
the Player LOD through kitserver.

*                                     *

    Its not that I just copy and paste kit wrinkles from each
game. It took a lot of time to adjust the contrast and making the
image smooth and high resolution, because the original texture
was too small and I had to use photoshop to do many things and it
took a long time to finish my work. Credits goes to:

1] Me, Sami 1999 [For converting and making all the kit wrinkles]

2] ultimatestar98 [He gave me kit wrinkles of FIFA 14 Full
version, PES 15 and helped me a lot in this project]

3] Grafsky [Provided me Ps3 version of FIFA 15 kit wrinkles]

4] Xanberk [Got FIFA 14 Demo kit wrinkles from his patch]

5] Rinaldo [Used his rx3 master to achieve some textures]

6] Jenkey1002 [Used his File Explorer to achieve some textures]

7] Barcafan [For PESUDE]

8] EA SPORTS [As FIFA kit wrinkles are made by them ofcourse]

9] Konami [PES 14/15 kit wrinkles]
*                                     *

    Please don't distribute this patch anywhere else. Always
use the main link [soccergaming and PESEdit forum] of this patch
And you can't modify or remove the credits. Don't use it for
commercial purpose. But yes, EA and Konami can do anything with
these files as I didn't take any permission from them :P

    Use it at your own risk. I won't be responsible for any
damage caused by it to your PC or game. If you don't agree with
these conditions, then don't use this patch.

* =====  ==  ==   == ===  =  ===   ===   ===  *
* =     =  = = = = =  =   = =   = =   = =   = *
* ===== ==== =  =  =  =   =  ====  ====  ==== *
*     = =  = =     =  =   =     =     =     = *
* ===== =  = =     = ===  =  ===   ===   ===  *
*                                             *
*                                             *


Please report me if there are problems with the download link and the file itself. I'll try my best to fix it :-)

This wrinkles will work on PES 12 too, but I don't know how it will look like. I might make kit wrinkles for PES 10, as well as for PES 14 too. Not sure if I'll make for PES 15 too.
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Sami 1999

Reserve Team
Made FIFA 14 Demo kit wrinkles, have a look:

I might change the wrinkles of second picture as it looks too much soft.

Sami 1999

Reserve Team
Made FIFA 14 full version kit wrinkles:

Made FIFA 13 kit wrinkles too:

And I'll include the above mentioned kit wrinkles in the next version :-)

Sami 1999

Reserve Team
New version released :)

Edit: Now I'll try to change the kit wrinkles of tight kits too. But first I need to find which file contains it.

Edit: Ok, finally got the file. Special thanks to ultimatestar98 who told me where the file is. Now I can finally start my work on tight kits too :)

Edit: Next version will include kit wrinkles [Both normal and tight ones] from PES 14/ 15. I've already made the normal ones, tight ones still left to do.

Edit: I've found a bug. The hand wrinkles don't move at all even though the textures are different. It remains same.

Edit: Next version almost finished. Only PES 15 tight kit wrinkles are left to convert.

Sami 1999

Reserve Team
I've finally released the next version. Now that I've added enough kit wrinkle, I'll now try to make the existing kit wrinkles more accurate. This will take a lot of time though. But I'll try to fix the kit wrinkles placement that occurred in all of the textures [See at the players right end side where the wrinkles textures aren't fixed in same line] .

Edit: As I've made enough kit wrinkles for PES 13. I'll now focus on PES 14 too. After that on PES 10.