Pes 2011:Anyone please help


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I am a new man to pes 2011 patching. I want to know how to install pes 2011 patchs.i have downloaded afs explorer 3.7.I wan't to know how to install pes 2011 faces,players,boots,balls etc into my data files like dt07.img..Especially faces.I have also heard that dt07.img contains stadiums and others contains boots,players etc.I wanna know what all dtxx.img files contain.Also can you give me a link where i can download a pesedit patch for pes 2011.thnx in advance


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adil_7;2963402 said:
wan't to know how to install pes 2011 faces,players,boots,balls ..Especially faces.

all you need is KIT SERVER last version by Robbie and Juce. you could DL from pespatch, pes-patch, pespatch.blogspot.... etc. just google it. it also include the tutorial on it.


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PES2010 -FM Export Problem

Anyone plz help

I've been using PES editor for sometime but I've a huge problem related to
Thing is I want to update the stat of all the players using {csv}
ie, (use of button option<<CSV) under csv update
but it never gets highlighted even though have I have predefined FM stat file
in the setting tab.
then I load players from CSV by Tools>import/export>load player from csv file
all I get is a message "(0)player found! Check delimeter setting in setting tab"

Done Tried everything no success plz help