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This extensive article tells you about all the new, extended and improved PES 2013 features.

The first PES 2013 trailer is online. Along with the video, we provide you, the PES community, with this extensive article, containing much information about what is new and improved in the 2013 edition of the Konami football game.

Many of the new features, extensions and improvements are based on your feedback, i.e. your critical and constructive comments as the PES community – on this official PES portal, on various PES fanpages on Facebook, and in long e-mails as well as in clearly verbalized YouTube video appeals. On top of that, we have got many answers on Twitter and statements of tens of thousands of participants that have shared their opinions.

All your feedback has been analyzed, processed and discussed with the PES 2013 developers in numerous meetings.

Control and animation of the goalkeeper, the sound ambience in the stadiums, the gameplay balance – these were, amongst other things, the points that have been talked about and criticized the most. Therefore, these elements will be improved and extended in PES 2013. Read more about it in the article below.

The new features and improvements in PES 2013 are based on the following three central components: PES FullControl, Player ID, and ProActive AI. We will explain what this exactly means in a moment.

1. PES FullControl (PES FC)
The term PES FullControl describes several new and improved features that give you even more control about the players and the ball in PES 2013.

Total Freedom of Control:
Pro Evolution Soccer introduced the concept of freedom of movement, the new ‘PES FC’ in PES 2013 goes further with total freedom over ball control.

Dynamic First Touch:
PES 2013 introduces subtle ways to receive the ball, from traps, gently lifting it past an attacker to run on to or a variety of other moves. First touch is everything and players can trap the ball using the R2 button, killing the speed of a well-hit pass and bringing it instantly under control, or using the momentum of the pass to turn a defender.

Full Manual Shooting and Full Manual Passing:
PES 2013 offers fully manual passing and for the first time ever manual shooting, allowing users to determine the height and power of each. Long low passes can be sent skimming across the pitch, while shooting the user has total control over where the shot is placed. Skill and precision are needed to master these, but passes can be made into open areas, allowing lone strikers to thrive, while offering an unrivalled variety in ways to score.

The speed with which a player moves with the ball has been slowed in line with real matches, but using R2 allows players to add various styles to their close control. Players can vary the speed of their dribbling, and cushion the ball as they move freely within a 360-degree circle. The new system allows players to knock a ball past a player and collect it, nutmeg them, or hold up play by shielding the ball as team mates find space and make runs.

Full Manual One-Two:
Active one-two passes can be made, with the second player being moved in any direction, facilitating various tactical movements.

Response Defending:
Countering the attacking options the new dribbling system offers, is a beautifully-balanced defence system. Players can use R2 and X to slow an attack, with a double-tap of the X button prompting a perfectly-timed challenge. Full 360-degree control means that players can check runs and steal the ball from a parallel position, while the individuality element will see world renowned defenders using aerial dominance of physicality to win the ball.

Even the game's 'keepers benefit from more control, while their distribution is more precise thanks to the addition of a power gauge when they throw the ball, creating opportunities for new, quicker counter attacks.

2. Player ID
Player ID focuses on the individual elements and movements that each player boasts:

Player Individuality:
The very best players in PES 2013 will be instantly recognisable via incredible likeness and signature attributes, skills and tricks that bring them to life. The way they run, turn, trap and move the ball, shape to shoot and even celebrate will be noticeably different during play.

Individuality to Goalkeepers:
The individuality of movement has also been extended to between the posts. Goal keeping has been totally invigorated via new animations and play styles.
New varieties of saves and reactions have been added to ensure the game's 'keepers are in line with the efforts of real shot stoppers. This level of realism also extends to the game’s top-rated goal keepers, with their moves to close attacks down, fling themselves to tip a shot past the post, and in-goal acrobatics benefiting from all new animations and AI.

3. ProActive AI
ProActive AI unites the control and realism, with players that will respond and find space as befits those at the top of their game:

Balance of Play:
The development team has worked closely with the PES fan base to eradicate any illogical elements to the way players move and run in PES 2013, with the ‘ProActive AI’ system enhancing the speed and balance resulting in a more realistic game experience.

Tactical Precision:
The balance of play has also been enhanced in the play between defences and the front line, with greater organisation as the teams track back or pelt forward, setting a harder to beat defensive line, teams adjusting faster to ball gain or loss, allowing for quicker counters.

Enhanced Goalkeepers:
Improvements to the goal keepers was voted the key advancement football fans wanted to see in PES 2013, and the team has worked hard with real 'keepers to ensure the AI decision process has been vastly improved. 'Keepers now respond with better reactions, clear their lines more effectively and push the ball savely out of play rather than into dangerous areas.

4. Better connectivity and atmosphere
PES 2013 will also boast better connectivity and atmosphere.

The popular myPES application will extend the connectivity and communication between Facebook-using PES fans, while the game’s audio effects are being tied closer to the on-field action to provide the kind of buzz seen at top-tier matches, with crowds growing in excitement as their team starts to exert pressure.

The game’s audio effects are being tied closer to the on-field action.


Official web site for PES 2013 -

E3 Trailer

PES 2013 Tricks & Skills Tutorial by mzivhotmail

For more videos check posts on this thread or visit official PES YouTube channel.


Download links for PES 2013 Demo 1st version:
Rapidgator Part 1
Rapidgator Part 2
Rapidgator Part 3
Rapidgator Part 4
Rapidgator Part 5
Rapidgator Part 6

More download links here:

Big thanks to PES Patch!

On the Pitch Trailer

"Konami has announced that this second demo will be released on Xbox LIVE on August 28th and on the PlayStation Network on August 29th. PC gamers will get their hands on the demo at a later date in september.

The second demo for PES 2013 features 11 fully-licensed teams and ten-minute matches. Also new anthems have been implemented for the starting line-ups and fans will have the possibility of experiencing for the first time the brand new training challenge mode, Training Trials.

Konami have said feedback has played a major part in tweaking the game.

- Not only has the balance between offense and defence been equalised, but our fans will be able to see the improvements made in pass targeting and trajectory, shot speed, blocking actions by defenders and even on the referee AI."


Download links for PES 2013 Demo 2nd version:


Team Captain
The point I judge the newest PES is when I try out the demo. The changes are usually small but over time you get to appreciate them.


SG's van Bommel
PES 2013 news already? That's a cool surprise, and the screenshot looks nice too. Waiting on the trailer.


2012 waas a great leap forward from 2011. I'll still get 2013, I just hope they've finally got it to play more like the older Pro Evos, my main problem is the shooting always seems poor.


Senior Squad
After PES 6 I can say that 2012 is my favorite, I never had such a great Master League experience. I play FIFA also, but FIFA's Career Mode is absolute 0 compared to PES ML.

In PES 6 I played with Valencia, about 6-7 seasons. Oh, man, what team that was. Villa and Torres (he used to score more often in that time) in attack, and they both scored over 100 goals. I think I even have all my progress saved somewhere on a DVD, with some amazing goals.

I'm glad I shared my PES 2012 experience at SG PES Forum.

I would also like to see improved animations (running, shooting, crossing etc.) in upcoming PES, and if rumors are true that PES will use new/improved Engine it will definitely be big step forward.

We work on new engine in Pes 2013

Old engine is limited etc

Everyone will be proud from Pes 2013

To many good and strong words. I have no doubt. Pes 2013 will have new ENGINE!

I quess the same like in Metal Gear Rising


Don't know how reliable those infos are, but we'll see at the end.

#1 Stunna

The Alpha Mexican
PES 2012 was the first in many years that I just gave up on. The gameplay was horrible, IMO, and I just couldnt get into it after numerous tries with numerous teams.

PES7, I think, was by far the best gameplay I've ever experienced.


Team Captain
I thought PES12 was terrible the first few months I played it, but now that I learned the player's movement and defending I feel it's the best version. I'm starting to get the hang of the shooting now and definitely think this version has the most realistic and fun shooting.


Youth Team
PES gameplay is very fast and if you are a fan of quick,precise and small passing like barcelona do then you will be dissapointed.

The ball moves like its glued to the ground and the speed of the pass looks constant.

So i would like the new engine to work on the passing of ball and improving the game speed.

More through balls ability and aerial lobs over the defenders will make the game more realistic and interesting.

I'm a PC user so when PES 2010 came out i became an instant fan of PES. But since then they changed their engine and instead of improving the game they went the wrong way.

So really hoping to see massive improvements from PES.


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k.a.m.310;3229946 said:
The ball moves like its glued to the ground and the speed of the pass looks constant.

So i would like the new engine to work on the passing of ball and improving the game speed.

More through balls ability and aerial lobs over the defenders will make the game more realistic and interesting.

PES aerial passing can't be compared with FIFA, cause FIFA basically gives you tons of aerial passing possibilities. You can pass strong long ball, weak, weak but more up to height etc., there is almost unlimited way to pass aerial balls (it depends which button you are holding), and PES gives you only to switch sides with long balls and to cross it into the box always on the same way. I like to play a lot of short ground and aerial passes, and I can do all different kinds of passing only in FIFA. So, yea, I totally agree with you about passing and hope this will be improved.

As about ball being glued to the ground and feet like it was previous case, I don't know, didn't noticed it much in PES 2012. But take a look at CR7 running in Debut Trailer, look at 0:36, I'm still not convinced how good it'll be cause I have a feeling that ball is too heavy (FIFA 12 gameplay is heavy and I don't want that in PES) and yet running animation is still kinda sloppy. :/ But I guess we'll need to wait for another trailer demonstration and more infos.


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Producer Interview and feature presentation. :browsmiley:

That new dribbling system looks good. And they finally improved long pass. Yaay...


Team Captain
Can't wait for 2013 to come out. 2012 is basically the only game I play.

I made a ML team with Inter with 'lots of money' setting and got to buy some fun players. Got»
Llorante, Rossi, Park Ji Sung (as centre mid), Bale. I'm playing a back four, 3 centre mids and 3 strikers.


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New episode! Love it.

I think by from all the videos so far, new PES 2013 really looks good. There isn't any huge leap from graphics and animations from PES 2012, but I like they finally implement different long balls and new dribbling system. I noticed that tackling animations are still the same, there are like 6-7 animations in tackling. Must admit that FIFA is much better in that part and with improved IE in FIFA 13, without bugs, PES is going to be beaten in that part.