PES 2013 - First Details


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PES 2013 Demo announced, coming to Europe July 25th to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC!
It'll include 8 licensed teams: Germany, England, Portugal, Italy, Santos FC, SC Internacional, Fluminese and Flamengo. There'll be a option to play on all difficulties.

I'll post download links when it comes out, it might leak sooner actually, so numerous PES fans here - stay tuned!



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PES 2012 doesn't impress me, don't like the gameplay; it doesn't feel i'm playing the game! and i feel like i'm in different world!

I hope Konami make much better and more realistic gameplay than PES 2012. But, so far, PES 2010 still has the best gameplay; the new engine used since PES 2011 ruined all! that's my opinion


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Just played the demo and it feels much better than it`s predecessors. Gameplay feels organic and the AI feels like you`re playing against a human opponent. EA take note, this is how football should feel


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Played about 5-6 matches so far, scored 2 goals only :(. As for now, I see a lot of improvements, from AI who attack more wisely, use tricks and main players, especially if you play against team which have Pirlo, Neymar, Ozil etc., they make the difference. I guess ball physics are heavier then in 2012, and shooting animations are improved which gives you better feeling while shooting. Long pass finally improved, dribbling is great - love it, but I still need a lot of practice. I'll not touch the Demo for a while now, cause I'm going on vacation, but when I come back, I'll play it a lot, cause, you know, I need to get into form for ML saga which I'll share here as for my 2012 ML. ;)

One flaw (maybe it was just coincidence to me), free kicks are too easy. I have had 2 free kicks and scored (with Ozil both), and AI had about 2-3 and also scored all of them, no miss from free kicks. But it may be only coincidence.

In overall, it's amazing, great job guys from KONAMI.


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So, after more and more of playing PES 2013 Demo, I must admit I'm amazed. It's absolutely fantastic. Where should I even start...

Animations have reached new level, it's still "Pesish", but definitely better then any PES predecessor and any FIFA till date. Improvements are very visible, there are lots of new animations, it looks more natural and I love that.

When I saw Deft Touch Dribbling I was glad they implemented something like that, but I thought it would be the same useless s**t as FIFA's Precision Dribbling. On my surprise it's not, it's useful, gives you a lot of opportunities, it looks good and skilled AI players use it often. I remember once when Ronaldinho rolled few of my players... wicked! Bravo Konami, guys from EA should take a note.

Defending is also improved, it's even easier then last year, but much better if you ask me. The way you can intentially foul a player, and determine the distance between oponnent player is great. Another big plus. AI positioning is great also, it depends on which difficulty you play.

I play with Demo Unlocker that charliehamster posted link for (Thanks, mate), on professional difficulty mostly, but will try new Superstar difficulty also. :)

There are things that can be improved, but in general I can't complain on anything, I enjoy this Demo and new PES gameplay. I think I'll try to play with more tactical approach now, change tactics and formations to see how it'll resemble on the pitch. I assume KONAMI improved that segment also, cause tactics are very important, especially when you play ML with weaker team.