PES 2015 - First Details


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Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 - PlayStation 4
Price: $59.96


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We will have tons of new video today...

And FIFA15 stopped being relevant to me. Shame I don't own PS4 as would be banging PES 2015 demo for hours...

Poetry in motion.

AI is work of art. Back passing, applying double/triple pressure when needed be, passing to open man, dribbling one on one when there is a chance to do so. My God, FIFA AI looks like it's at least few years behind :o.

One thing I am worried about is lack of crossing from AI into the box. This is a serious problem I had in PES 2014 too. Seriously, fix it :(.


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Demo for PES/WE 2015 went live yesterday. If you had HK account you could have downloaded it.

Must say... The details, faces, player models and AI are just PHENOMENAL and beat FIFA 15 to dust.

My favorite guy made my day. :D


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Yea, I read about it. I'll just wait, it will come out soon. I'm watching watching some live streams at the moment and it look absolutely fantastic.


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KONAMI disappointed European gamers (small technical issue, bla-bla) and decided to move Demo date to 24th September, and I really did not wanted to create Honk Kong account on my PS4 to try :/ It's not a big deal, but still... 2 days left. So far, there are tons of positive reviews, and it really looks awesome. I'll left some feedback here as soon as I get it.


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info0;3737591 said:
One thing I would like to mention, it's a glitch in demo. Probably due to how far GKs come out.

Great goals though! :D

best GK Napoli Pes 2015 demo . i can't long shot ::nape::bow:


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I got the Demo, and played maybe 6-7 matches. Man, it's fantastic. Gameplay wise much ahead of FIFA. I'll post feedback as soon as I play it more, next week. Until then, enjoy the trailer: