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PES 2015 - First Details

Discussion in 'PES & Winning Eleven Forum' started by Waldo1639, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. bangus

    bangus Starting XI

    All that needs to be said, precisely.
  2. Sami 1999

    Sami 1999 Reserve Team

    Nevermind. I got PES 15 from my friend. I'll see if I can manage to bring back the player entrance animinations. BTW, how to stop the input lags?
  3. Sami 1999

    Sami 1999 Reserve Team

  4. charliehamster

    charliehamster Youth Team

    The only drawback is that the Player LOD on the entrances are horrendous.
  5. Waldo1639

    Waldo1639 Senior Squad

  6. Sami 1999

    Sami 1999 Reserve Team

    Yes, the LOD during entrance is terrible. The kit wrinkles don't even change. Also, the LOD switches early in many cut scenes. PES 10 was the last game I guess, where the LOD during entrance was ok [Don't have PES 11, can't tell about it]. Most funny thing is, even on next gen version the LOD is switched to low during entrance in PES 15.

    Only Kitserver can fix this thing and as far as I can remember, Jenkey got inactive.
    @ Waldo, thanks for link of v1.2

    And this time, only the short models move. The shirts look more like they are stuck with player body. It moves a bit I think, but not that noticeable. But good thing we got the entrance back.

    But the input lag is giving me a lot of pain right now. I tried turning my gfx settings to lowest, but nothing worked at all. Still having input lags.
  7. Waldo1639

    Waldo1639 Senior Squad

    PTE Patch. The best one I tried. I recommend it. It also has a few graphics tweaks such as better pitch. 4.0 is current version.
  8. ujangendut

    ujangendut Club Supporter

    For input lag you can try to disable v-sync, or maybe you can try Nesa's Gameplay patch
  9. info0

    info0 Youth Team

    Hey there, long time no posting from me, but had some net problems...

    I can recommend PESGalaxy also. Used it since PES 2013 as it's on par with Firepatch (sadly, this one died :/).

    Anyway made 2 vids, showing same game. One is from FIFA 15 with Moddingway 1.51 (the latest one) and patched up game to latest Origin exe.

    The second vid is from PES 2015. DLC 3.0 and exe 1.03 with latest PESGalaxy 3.0 patch applied (no changes to exe made, so it's vanilla exe game play). Ok, it took me 15 mins before game to edit formation and tactics to kill AI completely off and it looks v. easy, but if I didn't , you can see what happens in rest of vids on my channel ;).

    As you know, I was skeptical. Didn't like the idea of PC version being crippled, etc.

    Well, I still can't fathom some things KONAMI did with PC version of the game (some stuff was cut out intentionally like intro/cut scenes). I am glad some modders were able to fix that...

    I will be brutally honest, presentation wise (audio + pre-game stuff) is not on par with FIFA, game modes wise it's also D2 league, but... The most important factor for me: game play + how much fun the game gives me far surpasses what FIFA 15 has to offer.

    AI is simply brilliant and joy to play against. WITHOUT sliders or game play patches. It is marvelous. Ball is absolutely free, there is MIDFIELD present and MIDFIELD battles are often fun. The most noticeable thing, which you don't see in FIFA, is when you go one man short (red card). You notice straight away, that you need to change your strategy or you're royally screwed :evil:.

    Plus there is TON of variety in goals scored. I swear I haven't scored 2 same looking goals yet or that I can remember a sure way to score goals like I do on FIFA (you notice how rigid the game is O_O).

    Must say, KONAMI improved their game. EA Sports, beware. You started to sit on your laurels cause no real rival showed up in past 7 years, but KONAMI and PES Team... Slowly, but surely stepped up their game each year. This year, they blowed you out with game play if next year they concentrate on game modes, online and tune (TUNE you hear me!!!) certain things in game play, they will get my money again. FIFA you went into stagnant stage and sadly, you started to cater for online players way too much (I know, money whoring).

    As a bonus games my mate recorded on PS4:

    1st KO Round vs Zenit:

    2nd leg:

    Believe me you want to see those 2 games. Just to see what AI does in both games :shades:

    You won't see such play on FIFA. Ever (tip: check how AI changed approach in both of those games).
  10. Waldo1639

    Waldo1639 Senior Squad

    Good to see you back, mate. I'vee been watching your channel, great new stuffs, I really love your work. Anyway, I've been a lot in PES PC version lately. Started ML with Arsenal and fictional players. I must say that ML needs rework. Its pretty boring in the beginning since there isn't anything to keep you motivated to go forward. Only after the half season I noticed some of my players made improvement. In first ligue it was more entertaining, but it still lacks the spirit ML once had. Also, I must admit that console version is better. The difference is subtle, yet big enough for me to see the difference in animations, pace and presentation. Nothing major and huge, but it is noticeable. Imo, this PES is the best since PES6 and definitely my number one football game I ever played.
  11. ganugunners

    ganugunners Club Supporter

    u guys still playing this?
  12. ganugunners

    ganugunners Club Supporter

    u guys still playing this?
  13. ganugunners

    ganugunners Club Supporter

    u guys still playing this?

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