PES 2017: CL Kits Color on menu and scoreboards always white


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I play with an edited team (over PES United) on Master League (English Premier League). I created a CPK file for the emblems and uniforms, and everything works perfectly, except for the Euro Kits (used for Champions League, Europa League and UEFA Super Cup). Although the kits themselves load correctly, on the strip selection menu and on socreboards the color for all of them shows as white, even though I edited the Team.bin and UniColor.bin files using KitStudio, and placed all the files in the right paths (including the EDIT00000 file). By the way, the kits for normal matches show the correct color schemes, (as edited on the EDIT menu of the game) but don't show the icons as edited on KitStudio. It only happens with this one team I edited myself. I attached a screenshot of the game showing my team and Leverpool. Both kits are right, but the color of my team shows white, while Liverpool shows red as it should. Does anyone knows what is going on?View attachment 47935
I have Datapack 3.00 and play with version 1.04 of the game.