pes5 demo first impressions


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I only have the PS2 version of the game and I am beginning to like it more and more, although the "shoulder-to-shoulder" fouls are a bit annoying (they should have made this more sensitive), and Konami should improve on the "advantage" rule: sometimes I get fouled and instead of letting play go on, a foul is called which ruins the momentum....the good thing is that the D'Alessandro face is in there which is obviously a good thing for me :)


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big al said:
im very dissapointed :nape: ; it almost feels like a patched version of pes4; i wanted something diferent ; the gameplay isnt that much diferent ; they did add some new animations of player movements ; but thats about it; to me personally feels like the old same stuff; now i can confirm why the wolf switch; iam right behind you dude. :boohoo:
What where you expecting, what did you think was wrong with PES4? Too fast? Too easy? That's been fixed, headers are better, crosses too.


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Right got up this morning after downloading it all night!
I came on here to read peoples comments first, some negative and some positive, so I thought hmmmm before I started a game.

So now i've played a few, i'm blown away how good it is, and how much smoother it is compared to pes4, that was jerky as hell on my pc!

Graphics 9-10
Player models are supurb pitch and stadium, crowd general graphics are mash potato heads again, but I love them after you score a goal and you get a close up! (Small touch but it adds to the achievment of getting a goal)

Sound 7-10
Ok, but chants are going to be changed by us and i'll be starting a new fifa commentry patch aslong as the structure has improved!

Gameplay 10-10

Can't fault it, everything i've ever wanted is here, even an air-shot by zidane because the ball nudged of his standing foot! lol class
Passing and Tackling needs alot more attention to detail and is something that takes time, which is what footie is all about!

Overall 9-10

All I can say is this game is mint, and no slowdown, the goals even feel better than pes4, and the amount of swerve I can get on the ball now! wow!

Well done Konami, Fifa doesn't stand a chance for years to come :) !


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Zygalski said:
Way too early for any decent impressions. Play the game for a few days and see what you think then.

No I don't think it is too early!
Maybe it just suits my style of play, but I feel I can hit any pass I want to, just so much more freedom than other PES games.

It looks and feels like proper football now!

I played the fifa demo and after about 10 games I was left feeling i'm really bored already of it, and just didn't feel I could control players how I wanted!

Pes thank god is spot on for that!

I know the game isn't perfect but it's the best around by far!!


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Played a couple of extended games using the trainer. My initial reaction is that it is not a huge difference to PES 4 - but that it is the game PES4 should have been. Long balls feel better - much more natural weight than the high loopers they used to send up the park. I've only had like 2 free kicks against me, so I don't understand how people are complaining about constant fouls. It is definately harder, playing on 3 stars and it is a real challenge. Passing seems more fluid, not had any instances when a player has kicked the ball in the wrong direction to a player I didn't intend to pass to yet. Sidestepping hasn't been a problem for me at all, it is much more realistic this way. A player in real life can't just suddenly turn 90 degrees from the way they wer running. Gonna go play it some more, but it definately feels like an improvement.


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Nikos Mihalakos said:
dude show some respect for Wolf, he made some really good patches for pers, anywayz PES5 is awesome, great player animations, great gameplay, good graphics
sorry, but I'm not a fan of wolf's patches, my PES/we, are patched directly from me and I like only WEndetta's patches... I think also that wolf is'nt a good player of Pes if it swich to fifa06!!!


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not played to much yet but my first impression of the game is that the players look a tad to big for the size of the pitch


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Ok after 4 hours download i was very excited to have a go on this Demo and it hasnt disappointed. First game i thought uh whats changed........but now i have noticed alot of nice new animations, side steps good and the game flows nicely. Its not much better than Pes4 but when its all patched up this game will be absolutley fantastic. Love the pace of the game as its slightly slower which is more realistic. Nice one to whoever got the download :ewan:


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I think the collision detection is improved. When you run into someone both player will fall or stumble. I just saw how two valencia players bumped into each other and one of them fell down. Funny to see.
I hope they improved online mode, without any lag, since i only play pes online.


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the new animations are really great.. passing around looks by far more realistic than pes4.. also shooting is great now you can hit the ball on volleys more easy.. physics have improved too, now you must really fight for the ball.. dribbling is also more realistic now (no more easy like in pes4).. and the artifical intelligence can score wonderful goals and plays also very very good (sometimes you get the feeling you play against a human player..)... what i like also is that its more difficult to score goals (or maybe because i am playing it since yesterday night).. the new menu system looks also great for me.. kit selection has improved now you can choose between dıfferent socks or shorts etc..
Judging only by playing the demo, for me pes5 is a really BIG improvement..

automatic replays are shown with same boring camera view (i want vertical view!)... the replays are too short (same as in pes4).. sometimes you get stupid fouls and offiside decisions..

At first it looks like pes4 but the longer you play it the more you will like it... for me the best gameplay in the series.. :)


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I have a very very very slow computer but I just had to download the demo. I'm in the USA so we wont' get WE9I until January or February of next year..sooooo...even in slooooow motion I can tell the game is awesome. I just wish it came out sooner in the US! I was tempted to get FIFA 06 this year but after playing the PES5 demo, I have zero desire to get it and I'm waiting for WE9I!


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ddeweil said:
I have a very very very slow computer but I just had to download the demo. I'm in the USA so we wont' get WE9I until January or February of next year..sooooo...even in slooooow motion I can tell the game is awesome. I just wish it came out sooner in the US! I was tempted to get FIFA 06 this year but after playing the PES5 demo, I have zero desire to get it and I'm waiting for WE9I!

Just order the English PC-CDROM Version of PES5, that's out next month!
Then you won't have to wait


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MightyTic said:
Hard to say after only 6 games , but here are a few thoughts .. good or bad I am not saying ....

I think it feels more free flowing, the movement that includes the ball and the players.

I thought after a few shots that the ball moves a bit to fast, where as far as I can tell , fine if its a Lampard or a bobby carlos that's hitting it, but everyone that strikes the ball gets it moving at high speed ..

As for the fouls mentioned in WE9 , I didn't see that many and there were a few tussles for the ball.. seems ok??

I thought that the game felt light , were as PES4 you could feel the twists and turns, in PES5 I just thought that the passing and player movement felt light ? could be the animation and the speed of the players.. Now when you pess sprint you seem to move much faster than in PES4 .. The light feel could be a mix of animation speed and sensitive controls ???

Scored a great goal with Duff , a low cross came in and he as at the far corner of the 6yrd box, side volley meet the ball about a foot off the ground and the shot went down and across the far post under the diving keeper !!

looking good , just need time to get used to "what I think" is a lighter feel ...

i agree with you on this point. Some shots, not all shots, seem to go way fast, for how the player is positioned for the shot. If ya know what i mean.
I had some goal scored where i thought "wow" because the ball was travelling too fast, i wasnt expecting that.


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Free kicks are easier, good thing...

Less control on the ball when running...

I like it a lot...

Hope they improve the on line mode...


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Aftery playing few games I just wanna say, IT'S THE BEST FOOTBALL GAME EVER :wootman: and nothing else to add. It's so awesome.... in every single detail... I can't believe that animations are soooo smooth. Definately gonna buy it as soon as it appears in shops, nothing else matters :)