PES5 Game crash!

Vampire Lestat

Youth Team
I am playing PES5 PC with Wolf superpatch easy install,in my 2nd season Masterleague,vs Bayern Munchen i saved the game to play it later.
Later in the day,i loaded Master League to continue,
but immediatly after formation settings screen,i get a black screen with message window,"send this bla bla ..."
Anyone knows how to solve this problem so i can continue my Master League?

I tried 2 things to solve the problem but with no succes:
-tried other pes5.exe files
-downloaded superpatch and installed again

Please don't say : delete your Master League file to solve the problem :nape:


Reserve Team
I had that problem as well, you should only have the opt file and your ML save in folder 1.. and then it should work, you must create folder4 or something and then cut out all the files that are 284 kb. After that it should work.

Vampire Lestat

Youth Team
You didn't read my last message!
I said that i have moved all replays in a different folder( just C: ),so in folder 1 i only have the OPTION file and ML save.

I think the ML save file is corrupt,i am afraid i have to start a new Master League :f***: :nape:

I HATE THIS!This is the 2nd time,one time it happened in pes4!


Starting XI
try and play an exhibition gamer against the same team and work out if that crashes then check the teams files in GGS and kitserver folder

Vampire Lestat

Youth Team
What is GGS?And how to check in kitserver folder?

I already played an exhibition game with the same teams without any problem.
I think i will start a new Master League with the new patch 2.0,and delete this one.Thanks for the info


Youth Team
Try to play a freindly match againts Bayern Munchen (home/away kit)(snow/rain/fine(day/night) and check what's te problem :junior: