PES6: The Free Kick Guide *Video*


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loz99;2287536 said:
jeez man since when did u have to hold X or triangle

trust m8 i have used these methods since the first pro evo. the triangle method has always been there but the x 1 is new


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they actually mention the x and triangle for the free kicks in the training levels. Its explain to first fill up your power bar by your shoot button with either up or down on your pad (up is high trajectory) (down is low trajectory) then after you have released the power button and the dpad, then hit either x for a soft shot or triangle for a power shot and add left or right for curve at the same time.

I've run it a couple of millions of time trying to pass the free kick training course and not with the likes of beckham/ronny/henry/ etc..eventually passing it all, i now find it actually quite useful where i have alot more control of my free kicks and corner kicks.