PES6 Ultimate Superb Goal Mix TOP99X


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I didn't know I would enjoy 23 minutes of Pes6 clips that much! This is seriously one of the best things I've ever seen. The way the video was edited made it very entertaining all the time. I was wow'ed. nice


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Great videos m8 :rockman:....Top class goals and skills (H)

Only criticism i can give is that there were too many long shots in the vids :mexican: ...nice edit too with wonderful vid quality (Y)

cheers....btw, have u watched my vids ? :$


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I'd say that it's the best PES6 compliation what I have ever seen..
Really great editing and superb goals....and 23minutes..not some 5 min like other compliations...


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Sweet video! Some great goals there but yes, a bit too many long shots perhaps. Very interesting to watch, anyway. Nice editing as well. (Y)


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Great video, absolutely great!!!

PS: I thought that the music sounded like Sonata Arctica, and was happy to notice that I was right. It's a great band, and it's from Finland too! :D(8)