PES7 Or Whatever There Going To call It


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I really think the #1 thing on everybody's wish list should be a FULLY LICENSED EPL. I know our option files make us usually forget about it, but it would make the game in general soo much better. You can wish for little things, but I think this has to come first.

Other things:
More stadiums
Nike boots and balls
More realistic and better colored grass

Oh and I agree that your defenders should come up for headers. Rooney is in the box more than Vidic on the set plays.
And also somebody said to dump the ML. I don't think there's any need to. How about they have a realistic career mode AND ML. That really would be incredible.


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All i want them to do is to sort out the flaming cutbacks! I don't care how they do it have the keepers become superman for all i care! Online play has become so boring because of em. :sleep:


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Yeah I think licences are a major priority. Some people actually buy FIFA because they don't like having "fake" players. But those other issues ( player behaviour/ sound / chants etc) should be fixed.

The only fault I find with the Master League is that after about 18 seasons there are really no challenging teams and it gets quite boring playing the same teams. But it is, however, a great concept. A career mode would indeed make it great.


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stonecold_jpm;2324689 said:
All i want them to do is to sort out the flaming cutbacks! I don't care how they do it have the keepers become superman for all i care! Online play has become so boring because of em. :sleep:
Hey Stonecold. Not to mean to change the subject but any future plans for transfer updates or any kind of updates(team names and stuff) for WEPES2007. The game is so dull without them... Thanks


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EA ripped off WE/PES's control scheme, why can't Konami do the same with EA's career mode?

It hurts to know how easy Konami could turn PES/WE into a PERFECTLY great game...

the end

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i didnt read everithing here , but what i wos read it wos god pointer to konami moves up in there coming pes .......and one :jambo: why the hell we have all real player on bench in trening games and not in matches :mad:

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MightyTic;2294710 said:
Anyhow, it showed a basketball player animation with the old motion capture (PS2) and how his feet would Skate (we have all seen this in PES) and the player turning was discribed as only being in 8 directions "stages/angles". Side by side with this demo was the new motion capture, the player lifted and planted his feet while moving and turning, no more Skating. And with this lifting and planting of his feet he could turn in a true circle, also had a mouse pointer and this moved over his shoulder and round and back over his other shoulder. The players head/neck twisted to follow the pointer and round to catch the pointer coming back on the other side.

They said at the time , this new motion capture would revolutionise sports games, as the players would have true movement no longer the 8 angle turn of the old montion capture, aided by the player on screen being able to lift and plant both feet.

This is what I'm looking for from Konami, that plus manual button power bar passing button, and like the ball in FIFA true deflections and not the ball as it would seem in PES tied to the animation.
Lets hope Konami is able to use it, because it's a technique that was used by EA developers for NBA game so likely to be on Fifa. Maybe it's also used for most 360 and PS3 games.

Besides some major changes i would really like to see a lot more Teams and Leagues. With lower leagues tied to them real or fake. Also have the same format and competitions as real life leagues even if they have to name them differently.


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shaunabdilla;2323737 said:
don't think KONAMI would respond to that... but what about a petition? 5,000 signature calling for the cleansing of PES's smudges... :mrpimp:
I have got about 10 responses. Some rabona stuff approved, some wheather stuff and so one.


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So, regarding the disposal of the Master League, what would you propose in a new Career mode?

I would think that a new league system, together with realistic wages + transfer fees (millions of euros, etc) where the major clubs have more buying ability, and conduct good transfers... (In my master league in PES6 Barcelona bought around 10 CFs, who do not play at all, with Barca having 3 SSs up front - they stuck with Edmilson in midfield...oh well).

Also, the possibility of changing the club, a similiar system to Football Manager, with realistic news regarding other managers speaking about the upcoming league encounter, or about players which could affect morale, injuries in training, extended suspensions for cynical fouls, etc etc. Ideas!! Let's give KONAMI a whole scroll of them!


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well then all we have to do is wait for one more fifa or maybe two so they can steal everything that is good in pes and konami is history

i am apsolutlly a pes fan but i think it is anoying that they dont make any progress in years, it was same with fifa when there was no concurent game but with pes they started to improve and if konami ignores that fifa is going to become much better game in one or two years

in my opinion the game needs third button for passing besides pass and through ball, something like manual pass but it would mean that u have to use analog stick on joypad for precisse pass, and better graphic that would make game much better and for licences we have our lovely patch makers those beautifull people that make evolution patch


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When a player is running down the flank with players in the box, i would like to see him cross it with curl... E.G: The player looks up at his team in the box and whips in a curling cross. In PES6 when you are running with the ball on the wing and you cross it in (without stopping before the cross) the player dosent usually curl it and it just looks as if he is just lobbing the ball into the area. If PES7 does this right, it would look a bit more realistic :)


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Basically, I think the Master League needs much work. Perhaps not scrapping altogether, but a major rethink.

I think there should also be greater expandability. Make it possible to have multiple leagues for loads of countries - give the player real choice, with thousands of possible teams for selection. As someone mentioned already, don't worry about licenses - we have patch makers for that, and KONAMI know it!

I also agree that we need better graphics. The stadiums aren't all that, and the crowd is just appauling!

I also think they should seperate development of the PC version from the console versions. The PC is capable of SO much more, such better graphics, higher resolutions (even higher than HD sometimes), but the PC version of PES is always held back in the dark ages compared with other PC games, because it's just a port of the PS2 version. If it was allowed to separate off within Konami, and develop at its own pace, it would be one truly awesome game.

Another nice feature would be slots in the AFS files for a range of crowd chants FOR EVERY TEAM, so that every single team in the game can be allocated 7 or 8 individual chants. I'm not saying that KONAMI should go and produce all these thousands upon thousands of sound files, but it should provide the slots so that fans and patch-makers can put their own recordings in.

Better commentary.

More cups, leagues, etc.

The ground/turf textures could do with a bit of work. Should be more interactive - bits of dirt getting kicked up, grass wearing away, etc. And as someone already mentioned - players should get dirty! If it's raining, they should get wet.

That's about it until I think of something else. Sort it out, Konami!


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I love the game as it is... but I completely agree with the longer replays. Also... the penalty shootout should be reworked.

Make it based on skill...not pure luck. Also, proper replays after each and every shot should be an option... to build up the atmosphere and excitement.


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Definetely a manager kinda gameplay would be appreciated! (like in FIFA2007)
Besides, I'd like to see MAJOR improvements in the network part!!!!! Especially a way to NOT start a game after team selection (those lammers that are w8ing till the last second to pick Brazil or Inter when you picked a lower team or something :p)

Besides, I love FIFA all-around... until the actual game starts :p
Since FIFA is copying so much from PES (the new button layout is a copy of PES's layout :o), i think PES could learn with the menus and career options!!

Of course, licenses play the BIG part on FIFA... Portuguese stadiums on FIFA rock ;)

cheers folks