pit1991 kits thread


The Super-Swede
dude, i cant watch it in o-edit right now, but im sure the back design doesnt look good, and dont connect with the front line, since your design is off the texture on the back, otherwise it looks fine, just the nike logo on the socks looks blurry :ewan:


Looks superb Pietro but I think the collar will give a problem in game, try to keep it as simple as possible like most collars. I like it don't get me wrong but I think it won't look good ingame but I'll check it out.
Btw can you add the Serie A logo on the Milankits as well like you did on this Juvekit?

Cheers mate :ewan:


Reserve Team
no way slowhand, i will make them but in these days i'm completing a work for my friend's patch for PES 5 so i'm busy... :boohoo: