Please Help! Menu Flicker problem


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My problem is weird. Whenever I try to run FIFA06 on my home machine, the menu flickers and changes options so fast that I cannot even select them, leave alone playing the game!

I have a legal copy and the funny part is that it works on my Uncle's computer!!

My machine is a P4, 512 RAM and has GForce 7300 LE installed, I am using Win XP SP2 and I have a wireless keyboard, which I have removed and substituted with a wired kb... with no change in the problem at all!!!

I love this game. Someone please help me play!



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You need to download and install the official patch for FIFA 06 (not sure where you'll find it these days, but try the 'Check For Update' links in the game's program group or the launcher, and if it isn't there (which I seem to remember it was not) then google for it).


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i have this problem too its a nightmare the game just moves without me touching anything , i found out it is because that fifa thinks there is another controller plugged in constantly stuck on going left, even when i dont have a controller plugged in its madness and i cant figure it out,

i have reinstalled and everything and nothing and i repeat noithing works it is so upsetting, it worked fine then suddenly it started doing this!! :(