PowerPatch by ISSONLINE & POLEVO- preview


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Chief Wayne said:
Will you guys put in the 4 big teams from Turkey? I can provide rosters, kits, faces, stadiums, or whatever else you want to know.

4 big teams? I think it's maximum 1. :ewan:


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I cant wait for the patch to go out!! I have only one question, do you think that this kind of patches affects in any way the performance of the game? My game is running pretty smooth with the original files, is it going to be the same after i install the patch?

Thanks and keep the good work!


Youth Team
Do you think ill be able to run this patch... coz i downloaded Super Patch 2.0 the other day as i was having problems installing footballs so the superpatch 2.0 had footballs already installed in 0_text.afs file so i replaced my 0_text.afs file with the super patch 0_text.afs file ... but my game still crashed when i loaded match,training or edit mode... BTW THE KITS AND LOGOS WERE FINE ITS JUTS THE BALLS


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And just in time to "battle" with World Cup Patch ....


U know what i mean.... good to all of us....

I´m expectin a lot of this Patch norek ....

Take u´r time and good luck mate....