Premiership Chants pack ready to go!

The Doctor76

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OK guys, I have downloaded pretty much all the Premiership chants from and edited the ones that are too short. Included in the download is a file called 'Current champs'. Insert the files from that into whoever are the current champions in any given season - then simply move them to the next champions' folder.

There's a folder called 'unpopular referee', especially for those fantastic people who officiate our Beautiful Game. I've also included several files called 'silence' in each team - so the chanting shuts up occasionally. Add or remove them as you see fit.

Instructions: Unzip into a location of your choice, then simply select all the chants in a given team's folder and make a playlist of them in Media Player. Then go into Fifa 12 and under 'custom music and chants', assign the correct team playlist to each team. I recommend assigning all the team's chants to all events apart from 'unpopular referee', otherwise I've found that upon a goal being scored, the custom chants seem to disappear.

Now, it is possible to have detailed chants for winning, losing, individual players, individual rivals and so on, but that would mean a stupid amount of playlists - the current information is that Fifa 12 is limited to 255 playlists, so you can see the problem here.

For 'cup winning chants', I've had an idea - find some songs that are played when teams win Cups, like 'We are the Champions', add in a few 'champione' chants and assign that for all English teams under 'cup winning chants'.

I won't be making another version, so what you see is what you get. Enjoy!

Edit: The quality of chants can vary - that's just how they were recorded unfortunately, unless there are some audio wizards out there who can improve them; feel free to do so! By the way, I've never actually heard anything from the 'unpopular referee' folder, so if anyone does hear them in game when the ref has messed up, let me know!

Download from here:

Edit: I've done the same with League Two - only I CBA to edit them, so I just saved you the trouble of downloading them individually. Sorry, there are quite a few League Two teams that haven't got any chants - I made some myself from youtube footage for AFC Wimbledon as that's the team I'm playing right now, but it would take flippin' ages to do it that way for all the teams with no chants.

Anyway, download here:


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Still cant get these to work ive tried everything possible????
any ideas what im doin wrong.....i dont think im vreating the play list correctly!!!

The Doctor76

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It took flippin' ages to download all the Premiership leagues, so it would be good if someone else could do the Championship, and someone else League One and so on. ;)