[Preview] Superpatch 2012 by Zlatan87


Youth Team
Superpatch 2012 by Zlatan87 1.0 "The Real Soccer Emotion"

Sorry for Retard Delay!! This patch have many Exclusive, kits, adboards, balls, referees, stadium and wipes depending of league.

Patch Include also Gameplay of Fidel and optimization of graphic, if you want to delete it delete these 3 files, product.ini, genplayers.ini and platform.ini
For use Music Intro Selector use my Setting File!

Thanks to all users that Help me to Make this Hard work Patch!

Superpatch Features: (In Bold Style Real Exclusives!!!)

- EA Official Database with Winter Transferts, updates Lineup. Mixed with Kadaryuk Patch.
- Tutti gli Arbitri Ufficiali della Serie A e degli Europei 2012 con relativi Minifaces e Caratteristiche Tecniche e Fisiche Realistiche!
- Selettore Creato Appositamente dal Sottoscritto, grazie al selettore sarà possibile modificare l'impossibile, e il tutto durante il gioco!! Nel Tool è presente anche la Sezione Popups e Scoreboards, inoltre sarà possibile inserire Scoreboards Personalizzati!
- Decine e Decine di Scoreboards per ogni competizione e TV (italiana e straniera)
- Popups molto vicini alla realtà, vera Esclusiva della Patch!! Presenti Popups di Sky Sport, Champions League, Europa League, Bundesliga, Liga BBVA ed EPL! Che insieme alle musiche intro, relinkabili con il Tool, sapranno ricreare un'atmosfera pazzesca, aggiunta anche la musica reale di sky!!
- Cameraman SkySport!
- Champions League Stadiums version (select automatically): Juventus Stadium, Stade Gerland, Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge
- In italian stadium, Police Officers will be have Polizia Italiana!
- Winter Player Gloves with Nike Brand!

- All Kits (many with Alternative Kits) of Serie A, Serie B, Barclays Premier League, npower Championship, npower League 1, npower League 2, Bundesliga, 2. Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Ligue 2, Liga BBVA, National, Eredivisie, Campionato Brasiliano, Liga Zon Sagres, Ekstraklasa, Superliga, tipp3-Bundesliga and others European and International. Classic XI e World XI, generic keeper kits, added missing sponsor on kits. (Thanks KADARYUK)
- Juventus and Inter will have kits for all leagues competizione (Tim Cup, Serie A, UCL, EL, Supercup), Milan and Naples and others European will have kits of Champions during champions league Matches, selection will be automatically!
- Thanks to Revolution Mod 12 of Scouser09, now is possible to play with Referee Kits, Adboards, Balls, Stadiums and Wipes depending of Played League!!
- Banners and Flags for All Teams.
- Mini Faces for Most Players.
- Wipes and Replays selected Automatically for some leagues like Serie A, EPL, Tim Cup, UCL, EL, World Cup, Liga BBVA, Bundesliga.
- Added about 350 new faces with players.lua and updates many textures of existing player faces.

- Many HD files: Pitches, 3D Grass, Sweat, Body of Players etc..
- Gameplay Better thanks to Fidel Gameplay! (Last Version)
- Adboards for All Serie A and EPL teams, some BBVA, Bundesliga and Ligue1.
- 3D Logos from Genko on Pes2012!

- New Balls, Boots, Gloves
- Over 100 Tattoos on players body!
- Update Coach Names

And much more....!!! :)


Zlatan87 World


1) For execute of Selector is necessary Net Framework 4 (from Microsoft website)
2) Scompattare i Files e avviare l'eseguibile di Installazione, cliccare su avanti, installare il componente visual basic, quindi procedere ed inserire il percorso di Fifa 12 e mi raccomando inseritelo correttamente leggendo l'esempio descritto
3) Una volta terminato il processo verranno avviati il SuperpatchSelector e Fifa12 i68Regenerator 2.1
4) Attendete la fine della Rigenerazione dei files (Ci vorrà un po')
5) Enjoy!!


30 Others Preview Screenshots on my WebSite


- Kits: KadaRyuk, New Maker, mogolos, Master Pi a Gi, Gaz Panic, damian9910, Pepis, Corsicasteph, Moa Alves, Mateus Guedes, RafaelBG85, The Danish, HSVBalti, haribofan, Mighty Mouse, Cesc_4, Wolverine, Nello96, Emiliano Videla, sickboy19, Devil, angelo93inter19, FifaMania, SoccerGaming, OltreilCalcio.
- Database: Zlatan87, fifaCCitiu.com, KadaRyuk, Outsider 87
- Loc: KadaRyuk, x119
- Logos: Zlatan87, Genko, Regularcat, eafh, KadaRyuk
- Faces & Tattoos: Editing Generation, All Soccergaming Facemakers, FifaInfinity, OltreilCalcio, Moddingway, Fifamania, FifaNetworkTR & fifa1112faces Blog.
- Mini Faces: Moswell
- Mini Faces Referees: The Editer
- Kits Referees: Pao4Ever & Fifainfinity
- Help & Various Files: EditiamoFifa, Angelo93Inter19, dariodario.
- Banners & Flags: Geißbock23, Zhivko Stanchev, Damien, MexicanTraveller, sapunaro, Baba Adamu
- Adboards: Uomomagnetico, DrDoooMuk, Dennynho, MexicanTraveller, KadaRyuk, Damien
- Boots: x119 & JeffiOne.
- Gloves: Dnepr
- Balls: KadaRyuk, SGD Fan, Darxxx, Adrizrace44, Pepis
- Stadiums: V.K & Zlatan87
- Scoreboard, Popups & HEX Research: Zlatan87, Evolution, ANB_Seth, Pinheiro, GlauberBatista, ZIC, EditiamoFifa, Massi, Mipoc, Iaquinta96.
- Revolution Mod 12: Scouser09 & FifaInfinity.

If I miss someone contact me, thanks!

For Publish on others Forum/Websites ask me permissions ;)


Danilo Pinheiro;3175705 said:
It all looks good!
bro, just one question, all the graphics and changes were made for it yourself?

good point bro, zlatan make sure if any work that isnt yours or done solely by you you get permission for each & every file that isnt yours to use in your patch.


Youth Team
regularcat;3175709 said:
good point bro, zlatan make sure if any work that isnt yours or done solely by you you get permission for each & every file that isnt yours to use in your patch.

Yes the patch i've sayied that is a mix of many works downloaded on the web and i will contact must of users for have permission, when i will post patch i put credits to thanks community and some users but its impossible to thanks all people because some downloaded files are unsigned!
I want to specify that i work on superpatch from pes5 and my works are only for community, my threads of pes superpatch have received hundreds of thousands of visits but i've never earned 1 euro for this, i know concept of community my friend!

Thanks for your comments :)

ps: if you have some revolutionary mod for fifa12 contact me!

ps2: if you know how to assign adboard for each team would be awesome!


point is you should get permission before you create a thread.

considering the patch is made up of mostly files you didnt create.


Youth Team
regularcat;3175993 said:
point is you should get permission before you create a thread.

considering the patch is made up of mostly files you didnt create.

yes man i've made request of permissions in MP if users not allow me to publish their works i will leave their files from my patch ;)


Youth Team
Works proceed regulary, i'm insert most adboards for each team, thanks to scouser09 & ledatcr2.

And, in exclusive, realistic skysports Serie A Popups, after many hours of work:

Stay connect :-)

Ps: just one problem, how to change in HEX the light blue color of the players in first screen?????


Youth Team
Looking at the screens of your website it really looks awesome!
Are you gonna do this for everyleaque ? Hope you can make same stuff for the eredivisie!


Youth Team
Marlon Anthony;3183057 said:
Will you be doing popups for Leagues that support it though, such as premier league, La liga, Bundesliga etc.?

Yes sure...i'm preparing different types of scoreboard choose:

1 - Leagues Scoreboard, all different for Serie A, Liga, EPL Bundes & Ligue 1

2 - Euro 2012 Scoreboard in file 2002 for National Matches

3 - All Files Replaced with Champions League

4 - All Files Replaced with Europa League

5 - All Files Replaced with Sky Sport Italia TV.


Youth Team
My Work proceed, after many hours I can show complete Sky Sport Italia Scoreboard and Popups.

I've Edited also prematch Background, the effect is very Cool!

This is my work, hope you'll appreciate it XD

Click on Images To Enlarge!

Textures of Scoreboard in Screen 3 are readapted From ANB Seth Scoreboard for Fifa 11.

See you soon guys!